This article applies for Get Connected 1.0 platforms only.

To activate Get Connected's calendar view, go to the Site Settings area of your admin panel and click Display Calendar Navigation link (located under the Navigation heading). Remember to click Submit to save the new setting.

A Calendar;tab will now appear in your Get Connected navigation bar. Click it to view a calendar showing:

  • Needs/Opportunities that are listed as "happens on"
  • Advanced Event needs/projects
  • Standard events

If an event spans more than one day, only the first day of the event will appear on the calendar.

Volunteers can click any of the needs listed on the calendar to get more information and respond.

Note: If you turn on your calendar navigation and it does not show up on the site, you have a template override and we will need to make a quick adjustment in order to make that tab visible. Contact us to have that adjustment made.