This article is for agency managers using Get Connected 1.0. For information on adding photos in the more current (2015 and later) version of the platform, click here.

Uploading Photos

For the site visitor, photos appear at the bottom of your agency's profile page. You can add up to twelve photos to the page.

To upload photos to your agency's profile page:

  1. In the Edit section of your agency management area, click the gray Photos tab.
  2. Click Upload Photos on the right side of your screen.

    Note: If your page has reached the limit of twelve photos, the Upload Photos link will not be visible. You'll need to delete some photos before you can add new ones.

  3. Click Upload;and browse to select the desired photos.
  4. Select the photo and click Open to start the upload. Typically, an upload completes in a matter of seconds.

Once uploaded, the photos will appear in the table under the Photos tab.

Those photos will also appear at the bottom of your agency’s profile page.

Deleting Photos

To delete a photo from your agency’s profile page, go back to Photos and click Delete below the photo to be deleted. Click OK to confirm the deletion.