This article is for agency managers using Get Connected 1.0. For information on adding photos in the more current (2015 and later) version of the platform, click here.

Posting events is an effective way to engage the whole community—not just the volunteers—in your realizing your agency’s vision.

This article covers the following topics:

Adding or Editing an Event

Cloning an Event

Deleting an Event

It also includes information on event categories for filtering and RSVPs and event capacity.

Adding Or Editing An Event

Instructions for adding a new event are provided below. To open an existing event for editing, simply click the gray Events tab, select the event from the list, and complete the fields.

To add a new event:

  1. Under the gray Events tab, click Add New.
  2. Complete the fields (listed below) on the event form.
  3. Click Submit to save your work.
Event Title
The title for the event.
Enable RSVPs
Mark this box to require RSVPs from those signing up for the event through Get Connected. (See Event RSVPs and Event Capacity for more information.)
Event Capacity
The maximum capacity for the event, if there is one. Otherwise, keep it at zero. (See Event RSVPs and Event Capacity for more information.)
Note: This field is not visible unless you have selected the RSVP option.
Event Description
A description of the event.
Note: You can download an image of the event flyer into this box.
Start and End Date/Time
The starting and ending dates and times. For an all-day event, select All Day Event.
Note: The date/time you enter should refer to the date and time of the event, not the date and time you want it to be publicized on Get Connected.
Applicable categories; your selections will make your event easier to find in a search. See Event Categories.
Event Contact
Enter the contact person’s name and any other contact information you wish to make public on this page.
Event Location
Type the name of the place where the event will be held.
Address, City, State, Zip
Enter the full address of the event location.

Event RSVPs and Event Capacity

Get Connected’s RSVP feature allows a user to respond easily to an event. If a user indicates that they will attend, two email notifications are sent out:

  • An email to the user, confirming the event information
  • An email to the agency manager, informing them it of the RSVP

When you opt to enable RSVPs, the Event Capacity text box appears.

While this box is good to use for events that have a limited capacity, it’s a good idea to use it for other events as well. If capacity is unlimited, enter 0 (zero) or leave the field blank.

When the RSVP capacity has already been met and someone tries to sign up for your event, they will get a message that the event is full. Their RSVP will be changed to “Maybe,” and an email will be sent to the agency manager, informing them of the individual’s interest in the event.

Event Categories

The event categories you select will help a user find you in a search. For example, if a user does a search on family-friendly events and you selected Family Friendly as one of your event’s categories, then your event will show up in the resulting list of family-friendly events.

Cloning An Event

Get Connected’s Clone Event feature operates exactly like the Clone Need feature described here. This feature can save you time and effort when two or more events are nearly identical—for example, if the same basic event occurs at multiple times or places. Once you’ve created a copy of an event, you can make the small changes desired, and then save the copy as a new event.

Important: When offering the same (or a similar) event multiple times, always opt to use the cloning feature to create a brand-new event (rather than simply updating the old information). Merely updating an event does not cancel the RSVPs from the original event--which can result in the new event "filling up" when it isn't really full. Cloning also allows you to create a new event ID for your records.

Deleting An Event

Events are deleted from an agency’s list of active events—not from the program altogether. You can reactivate and update a deleted event at any time.

To delete an event from your agency’s list of active events:

  1. Under the gray Events tab, click on the event to be deleted. The information form is displayed.
  2. Click Delete on the right side of your screen.
  3. Click OK to confirm the deletion.