Note: This article is for site managers using our legacy product, Get Connected 1.0, which we began phasing out in 2015. Agency managers using Get Connected 2.0 should see our article titled Posting and Managing Your Agency's Needs.

Posting needs is an effective way both to publicize volunteer opportunities the community and to easily engage the community to take advantage of those opportunities and help fulfill your needs.

This article covers the following topics:

Adding and Editing Needs

Primary Need Types

Need Type Categories

Need Duration

Cloning a Need

Adding Volunteer Responses to a Need

Deleting Needs/Viewing Deleted Needs

Note: To view need responses and volunteer hours, see Viewing Agency Statistics.

Adding Or Editing A Need

When you click the gray Needs tab in edit mode, you’ll see a table showing all of the needs your agency has entered.

To edit a need that is already in the system, simply click the row of the need and see the following steps for adding a new need. Begin with step 2.

To add a new need in Get Connected:

  1. Under the gray Needs tab in Edit Mode, click Add New.
  2. Complete all required and applicable fields, as described below.
  3. Click Submit to save your work.
Need Title
(required) Enter a clear, descriptive title for the need.
Tip: Avoid vague titles like “Volunteers Needed!” in favor of more specific ones, such as "Museum Tour Guide" or "Math Tutors Needed for Middle Schoolers."
Need Body
Describe the need. If training or background checks are required, this field is a good place to include that information.
Age Requirements
If applicable, select the minimum age requirement from the dropdown list.
Zip Code
Enter the zip code where the need is located. If the need will be met across multiple zip codes, simply enter the most central zip code.
Allow Team Registration?
Indicate whether you want to allow volunteers to sign up as teams.
Primary Need Type and Need Type Categories*
From the respective dropdown lists, select the applicable need type and categories. For more information on these topics, see “Primary Need Types” and “Need Type Categories,” following this table.
Need Duration
Select the applicable option. See Need Duration for more information on these options.
Response Notification Emails
You will see the email addresses you entered as additional agency contacts when completing your agency’s profile (see Creating Your Agency’s Profile.). Clear the check boxes of any contact who should not receive a notice whenever someone responds to a need. Add the email address of anyone else who should be notified.

Primary Need Types

Get Connected divides needs into four types: volunteer activities, advocacy opportunities, in-kind needs, and employment. Each type consists of numerous categories. Some are listed in the table below.

Note: Depending on your site’s level of customization, you may or may not see all types listed here.

Primary Need Type
Volunteer Activities
Opportunities to volunteer time and effort toward fulfilling the need. Type categories include cleaning, clerical work, financial coaching, meal preparation/service, and tutoring.
Advocacy Opportunities
Opportunities to serve as a representative and advocate of the agency. Type categories include serving on a board, writing elected officials, participating in a community forum, and attending public meetings.
Opportunities to work with the agency as an intern or employee on a full- or part-time basis. Type categories address job types (clerical, executive, etc.) and degrees (part-time, seasonal, etc.).
In-kind Needs
Opportunities to donate goods in lieu of money. Type categories include healthcare equipment, office furniture, bedding, and school supplies.


Need Type Categories

Under the umbrella of each need type are various need categories. The need type categories you select from the Need Type Categories dropdown list will show up in the filter list when a user clicks the Needs navigation link.

As shown above, selected need type categories appear in the Filter Need Type list on the Needsscreen in Get Connected. Delete a selection by clicking the X;next to it. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

Notes: You must select a primary need type before selecting need type categories.

; ; ; ; ; ; There is no limit to the number of categories you can select, so choose as many categories as apply to your agency’s need in order to be ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; more visible in organization type searches.

Need Duration

Use the Need Duration;field to indicate the duration of time that the need exists. Select from the following choices:

  • Is Ongoing – Need is ongoing throughout the year. (examples: literacy tutors; dog walkers)
  • Runs Until – Need ends on a certain date. (examples: clothes drive; holiday drives)
  • Happens On – Select for volunteer opportunities that occur on a certain date. (examples: one-day Habitat for Humanity effort; road races)

Tip: If you select Is Ongoing, you will receive an email after ninety days, informing you that the need may need to be updated or removed if no longer applicable. To get a reminder sooner, select Runs Until;and enter a closer date. You can always update the need before it expires.

Cloning A Need

Get Connected’s Clone Need feature can save time and effort when two or more needs are nearly identical—for example, if the same need will be present at multiple times or multiple places. Once you’ve created a copy of a need, you can make the small changes desired, and then save the copy as a new need.

To clone a need:

  1. While in edit mode, open the need you wish to clone.
  2. Click Clone This Need on the right side of your screen, and a new, identical need is created. The title will be the same as that of the old need with the addition of the word “copy” in parentheses.
  3. Edit the Need Title as desired, making sure to remove the parenthetical “copy” from it.
  4. Make any additional changes needed to the other elements of the need description.
  5. Click Submit.

The need is now saved as a separate need from the original.

Tip:;Make the difference between the cloned needs clear in the Need Title. For example, you might have “School Supply Collection: Uptown” and “School Supply Collection: Downtown.”

Adding Volunteer Responses To A Need

Typically, a volunteer will respond to a need by clicking the Respond to Need;button on the page of the need. As an agency manager, however, you can manually add a need response on behalf of a volunteer,

Note:; Need responses cannot be added for individuals who do not have Get Connected accounts.

To add volunteer response hours to a need:

  1. Click the gray Needs tabs to access the main Needs page.
  2. Scroll down (if necessary) to the yellow box below the table of needs.
  3. Select the need in question from the Need
  4. Enter the volunteer’s email address.
  5. Click Add.

The volunteer information will be added to the list of respondents to that need, which you can view and export on the Stats tab in Edit Mode. For more information about viewing statistics, see Viewing Agency Statistics.

Deleted Needs

Needs are deleted from an agency’s list of active needs—not from the program altogether. You can reactivate and update a deleted need at any time.

To manually delete a need from your agency’s active needs:

  1. Under the gray Needs tab, click the need to open it.
  2. Click Delete on the right side of your screen.
  3. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

Note: To view old or deleted needs, click the gray Needs tab and select Show Deleted Needs(located below the list of needs and on the right side of your screen).

To return to the default view (active needs only), click Hide Deleted Needs.