This article is for agency managers using Get Connected version 1.0. Click here to learn about the agency profile in Get Connected 2.0.

In addition to describing the profile page's basic information, this article goes into detail on adding the following elements of your agency's profile:

Agency Direct Link

Map Link

Agency Video

Agency Categories

Agency Logo

Now that you've signed your agency up for Get Connected, it's time to create your agency's profile. In addition to basic contact information, the profile includes your agency's logo and information on its history, vision, mission, programs, and services.

Note: Even if your agency has not been approved by a site manager yet, you can still create, save, and edit your agency profile. Your changes will be visible upon approval.

To create or update your agency's profile, go to Edit mode. Click the Edit tab to see all of the agency profile fields.

Field descriptions are grouped by type in the following table. This grouping may or may not reflect the order of fields on your screen. Fields marked by an asterisk are described in further detail following the table.

Agency Name
Name of your agency; auto-filled by Get Connected
Agency Direct Link*
Unique URL that, when clicked, will bring up your agency.
Contact Person
First and last names of the agency’s contact person.
Note: A person does not have to have a Get Connected user account in order to be listed as a contact person.
Contact Title
Title of the agency’s contact person
Facebook Page
Facebook page address
Twitter Page
Twitter page address
Phone Number
The public phone number used by your agency
FAX Number
The public FAX number used by your agency
Email Address
The email address your agency uses to receive general questions,requests for information, etc. Because this address is displayed publicly, we recommend againstentering a personal email address.
Address, City, State, Zip/Postal Code
Your agency’s physical address; auto-filled by Get Connected. You can replace the information in these fields with a P.O. Box to prevent your agency’s location from being published.
Additional Agency Contacts
If you want people other than the agency managers to get automatic notification of need responses and RSVPs, enter the email addresses of those people here. Separate addresses with a comma and a space. These addresses are not publicized anywhere on the site.
Note: A person does not have to have a Get Connected user account in order to be listed as an additional agency contact
Additional Location Info
Information on branch offices, landmarks, parking, etc., that someone might need in order to find your physical location.
Hours of Operation
Days and hours you are open for business; no specific format is required.
Map Link*
The link you enter here will be shown as a link to a map on the profile page.
Website URL
The URL you enter here will be shown as a link on the agency’s profile page.
Who We Are
Information about your agency’s mission, vision, and history.
What We Do
Information about your agency’s programs and services.
Agency Video*
A video about your agency’s work, generally produced by the agency itself or a national partner.
Agency Categories*
Select the categories that, which clicked in the agency filter, will bring up your agency.
Agency Logo*
Your agency logo is an important of agency recognition. Be sure to add a logo as soon as you can. If you do not add a logo on Get Connected, the space will be used by a box showing the first letter of your agency.

Agency Direct Link

The format of your agency’s Get Connect link is as follows:


In the image below, the agency manager has entered an abbreviated version of the agency name as the final part of the direct link. To keep the link simple, use an abbreviation or otherwise shortened version of your agency’s name.


To save the link to your clipboard, click the small Copy icon to the right of this field. Now you can easily paste the link into an email message or social media post.

Map Link

Use Google Maps to access a map showing your agency’s location. You can then link this map to your agency’s profile page.

To create a map link:

  1. Open a new tab and go to
  2. Type your agency’s address into the Search bar and press Enter. The program zooms in to show where your agency is located.
  3. Click inside your browser to select the URL.
  4. Return to your Get Connected tab and paste the URL into the Map Link

Once you have saved and submitted your Profile page, the URL will show up as a link titled “MAP.”

Agency Video

Your agency video must be uploaded to an online video site (such as YouTube) and therefore have a web address in order to be shown on your profile page. To add the video to your page, copy the video’s URL into this field. Get Connected automatically formats the video to fit properly on your profile page.

Agency Categories

Agency categories are the types of services an agency provides. Select all categories that apply to make your agency easier for users to find when searching by organization type.

As shown above, all selected categories appear in the filter list. All organization services selected in Agency Categories (left) appear in a list to the left of the filter. In the figures above, agencies have selected Adult Day Service, Agriculture, and Arts & Culture, but no agencies have yet selected AIDS/HIV, Abuse, Adult Education, etc.

Once you have selected a category, it appears beneath the Agency Categories field. To delete a selected category, click the X;next to the category name. You’ll be asked to click OK to confirm the deletion.

Agency Logo

A logo can make your agency immediately recognizable in a list on Get Connected. The logo is also one of the most visible elements of your agency’s profile page.

The logo must be an image file (.jpg, .gif, or .png). Get Connected automatically resizes your logo for optimal viewing.

To add your agency’s logo:

  1. Click Choose File under the Agency Logo
  2. Browse to and select the logo file, similar to how you would browse and select a file to attach to an email.
  3. Click Open.

Once you have clicked Submit, the logo will appear on the profile page.