This article is for agency managers using Get Connected 1.0. Click here for the equivalent article for our more current version.

The agency management area has a row of gray tabs just under the navigation bar.

Gray Tabs

The standard Get Connected platform features the following seven tabs:

View your agency's profile page as a visitor to the site would see it.
Edit your agency’s profile page; add additional agency managers.
Add (or delete) photos to your profile page.
Post a new need and manage existing ones. You can also select to view inactive needs.
Post a new event and manage existing ones. You can also select to view inactive events.
View statistical information that Get Connected stores for your site.
Time Tracking
Enter and manage volunteer hours.

Important:;Before moving from one tab to another, you must;save your work. To save your work at any time, click the Submit button on your screen.

Note: All fields in edit mode include a blue circle with a question mark. Hover your cursor over a blue circle to get specific help information for that field.

Accessing the Agency Management Area

There are several ways to access the agency managementarea: by returning to your My Profilepage, and by clicking one of the available Edit buttons.

My Profile

All users, including agency managers, are taken to their My Profile page upon logging into Get Connected. To get to your profile page from within the system, click My;Profile in the navigation bar.

At the right of the profile pages is a Select Agency to Manage;dropdown. To get to the agency management area, click this dropdown and select the name of your agency.

Select Agency to Manage

You’ll now see the row of gray tabs described previously.

Edit Buttons

While View Mode (see “Viewing the Progress of Your Work”, following) does not include the gray tabs for editing, it does include special Edit;buttons for quickly returning to a certain tab in the agency management area:

  • Edit Agency takes you to the gray Edit
  • Add Need takes you to the gray Needs
  • Create New Event takes you to the gray Events

While these buttons may save you a step when returning to the agency management area, we recommend using My Profile because, no matter where you are in Get Connected, the My Profile link in the Navigation Bar is always there to take you back to “home base.”