This article applies to Get Connected 1.0. For information on Get Connected 2.0, click here.

When you sign your agency up for Get Connected, the email you enter is the one you’ll use to edit the agency profile, add needs, and add events.

Tip: An agency should only have one Get Connected account. Before registering, it’s a good idea to search the site first to ensure that your agency has not been bulk- imported or manually entered by someone else. (To search, click Agency in the navigation bar and use one of the search tools available there.)

To sign an agency up for Get Connected.

  1. Log out of the system if you are already logged in.
  2. From the Get Connected home page, click Agency Signup.
  3. Complete all fields in the User & Agency Information;form shown.

Note:;If you don’t already have a Get Connected account, you’ll be required to set one up on this page in order to successfully sign the agency up.

Email Address
Type the email address to be associated with the primary agency manager. (See Managing Multiple Agency Managers for information on having more than one agency manager.)
Agency Name
Type the name of the agency.
Agency Address, City, State, ZIP
Type the agency's address information in the fields provided.
Note:;This address (which can be a P.O. Box) will be visible on your profile page. To change it or remove it from the profile page, see Creating Your Agency's Profile.
First and;Last Name
(if applicable)
Type your first and last name to create a new account. (These fields are visible only if the email address you just used is not recognized by the system)
(if applicable)
Create a password of at least six characters. Numbers and other non-alphabetical symbols are accepted but not required. (This field is visible only if you are creating a new account.)
  1. Click Submit Now.

Now that you’ve signed your agency up, you are free to log in as an individual user and customize your agency page, add needs, and post events your agency will be hosting.

Note: Your agency registration may require approval by a site administrator before it can be made public on the site. You can still work on your agency’s page, but none of your work will be made public on the site until an admin has approved it.