This article applies to users of the legacy (pre-2016) version of Get Connected (Version 1.0). For the equivalent article in the currently used version, click here.

Ready to start volunteering? One way to find volunteer opportunities in Get Connected is to search the specific needs that have been posted by the various agencies in your community.

Searching Opportunities

To search for opportunities by need:

1. Click Needs in the navigation bar of your site.

A list of all active needs on the site is displayed, with the most recently posted needs listed first.

Note: Your site may use "Opportunities" or a similar term instead of "Needs."

2. Click on a need to learn more about it.

Note: To narrow down the list of needs, consider using the Search dropdown near the top of the page, or clicking a particular need type in the filter list in the right-hand column.

Responding To An Opportunity

To respond to an opportunity:

  1. Click the applicable Respond to Need button for that need.

    This button is typically located at the end of the need description, as shown in the image above.
  2. (if applicable) Log into Get Connected, if you are not logged in already.
  3. Complete any applicable fields in the need-response form that is displayed.
  4. Click Submit Response.

Once you have submitted your response, two automatic notifications are triggered:

  • A message is sent to the email address you provided, confirming that you've responded to the need.
  • A message is sent to the agency manager, informing them of your interest.

Expect the agency manager to contact you soon to go over the details of the opportunity to which you've responded.

Note: Once you've volunteered to the need, you can keep a record of your hours by logging them in Get Connected.