This article applies to users of the legacy version of Get Connected (Version 1.0.) Click here for the equivalent article for Version 2.0 and later.

Once you’ve opened your Get Connected account, start making the most out of Get Connected by updating your user profile. Your profile page contains, at minimum, your basic contact information.

This article covers how to do the following:

Access your profile

Edit your profile

Mobile number and validation code

Contact in case of disaster

Exclude from user feeds

Upload an avatar

Reset your password

Update your volunteer interests

Opt out of (or into) automatic notifications

Exclude your information from user feeds on the "About" page

Deactivate your account

Accessing Your Profile

To access your profile:

  1. Log into Get Connected.
  2. Click My Profile in the navigation bar.

A typical profile page looks something like this:

Note that the profile page contains up to four areas of information:

  • My Favorite Agency’s Needs – Listing, with links, of the needs and events posted by any agencies for which you’ve clicked Become a Fan.
  • Groups – Links to any Get Connected groups (message board, forum, etc.) to which you belong
  • Areas of Interest – Your areas of volunteer interest, with links to all needs that are identified with those need categories
  • My Need Responses – List of needs to which you have responded, along with a link to search for more volunteer opportunities.

Editing Your Profile

To edit your profile, go to your profile page and click Edit Your Profile. You can edit basic information, upload a picture, reset your password, and update your volunteer interests. You can also use your profile page to opt out of (or into) Get Connected's automatic email notification system, exclude yourself from user feeds on the Get Connected home page, and deactivate your Get Connected account.

Basic Information

The standard Get Connected package requires that you provide your first name, last name, and email address in order to open a Get Connected account; as a result, you’ll see that these fields on your profile page have been completed automatically. Other fields are covered below.

Mobile Number and Validation Code

If you submitted your mobile number upon joining the site, you will have received a short validation code sent as a text message. To complete your opt-in to SMS text messaging in Get Connected, enter that code in the Validation Code field (shown below) and click validate.

Note: By opting in, you agree to let your site administrator send you text messages through Get Connected. Text messaging rates may apply.

If you did not provide your mobile number at registration but would like to opt-in to text messaging, enter your mobile number. Once you have clicked Update User Info, you will receive the validation code via text message. Return to your user profile to complete the validation process.

May we contact you in the event of a disaster?

If you mark Yes, then your information will go into a list of volunteers who may be called upon to help with disaster preparation or relief.

Exclude me from user feeds

Your site’s may include user feeds (shown in the image below) as part of its Get Connected home page.

Note: User feeds display the first name and last-name initial, along with the profile picture, of both new users and those who have recently responded to needs.

Upload Your Picture

There are no size restrictions for an image, but it must be a .jpg file. You’ll be prompted to crop as needed.

Uploading a picture is similar to attaching a file to an email. To upload an image:

  1. Click Choose File to find the image on your computer.
  2. Select the image and click Open.
  3. Click upload. You’ll see the picture, along with the option to crop it.
  4. Once you’re happy with the crop, click Crop and Finish.
  5. Click Submit to save the change.

Reset Your Password

To reset your password, enter the new password into both the New Password and Password Again fields. Click Update Password.

Email Settings

Automatic notifications are triggered by various actions. For example, when you respond to a need, you’ll automatically receive a message regarding the need. The agency manager will also receive an email. You do have the choice to opt out of notifications.

To opt out of (or into) automatic notifications, click the applicable link (Opt-Out Now or Opt-In Now).

Note: Opt-out does not apply to password-reset messages.

Deactivate Account

Click Deactivate Now;to deactivate your Get Connected account. You’ll be asked to click OK;to confirm. To later reactivate your account, you will need to contact your site administrator.

Volunteer Interests

When you first open your Get Connected account, you are asked to indicate your volunteer interests. This information can be updated from this part of your profile page.