This article applies to Connect site administrators using the Advanced Events Module (AEM).

The AEM is an effective tool for planning and managing large-scale volunteer events. To learn more about advanced events, read our article Advanced Events in Get Connected: The Basics.

Setting Up an Advanced Event

The first stage of setting up an advanced event is to assign a banner color, title, description, and date for the event. To assign these elements:

  1. From the Manager Panel, click Modules and select Advanced Events This opens the advanced events module. If a site manager has already created advanced events, they will be listed here.

    Note: To open an existing event, click on the title of the event.

  2. Click Add New Event to begin creating a new event.
  3. Complete the  fields provided.
    StatusSelect Active to activate the event.
    TitleType the title of the event.
    Date Start, Date EndSelect the event's start and end dates. Needs posted for this event are required to occur on the date (or within the date range) specified here.
    Color, Text ColorIndicate the color and text color of the banner the volunteers will they see when they access this event. For more information on banner colors, click here
    DescriptionType an event description. This description will be displayed for volunteers who access this event on your site.
    Note: For guidance in using the Text Editor to create formatting, add links, and insert images, click here.
  1. To save your changes, click Submit Event.

Banner and Text Colors

Before typing the event's title, you can select the colors of the event's banner and text.

In the example below, the site manager has selected a shade of green with white text for the "Summer Literacy Program" advanced event.

If you are hosting more than one advanced event, each event will appear as a "card" on the advanced events page.

Note: The advanced events page is located at [yourdoman]/aem. If multiple advanced events are displayed here, they are shown in chronological order, with the soonest event shown first. To get a link to an individual advanced event, click on the event "card" to open the event, and then copy the URL to your clipboard.

Click here for instructions on selecting colors using hex codes.