This article applies to Connect site administrators using the Advanced Events Module (AEM). It explains the difference between public and private needs, and it gives instruction for making needs public and offering needs privately to groups.

There are two types of active needs in the Advanced Events Module (AEM):

  • Public - Public needs are displayed on your Connect site. Anyone can respond to a public need. If the person responding is not logged in, they will need to log in or create an account before completing their registration.
  • Private - Private needs are not displayed on your public Connect site. They can be viewed via a unique private link that you provide to the contact person for the corporation, civic club, or other volunteer group to whom you've assigned the need.

Needs can be both public and private at the same time. In other words, you can have a need appear on your public site and have it be assigned to a particular company.

Activating a Need

Before a need can be shared privately or publicly, it must first be activated.

To activate a need:

  1. From your Manager Panel, click Modules > Advanced Events, and click on the name of the advanced event to open it.
  2. Click All Needs.
  3. In the row of the need to activate, select Active from the Status dropdown.

The need is now active and features a checkbox to the left of the need title.

Making a Need Public

Now that you have activated the need, you have the option of offering it privately to a company or other group, or making it public on your Connect site, where anyone can respond to it.

Note: Needs are private by default. Simply activating a need does not make it visible on your Connect site. You must manually make the need public.

To make a need public:

  1. Mark the check box to the left of the need.
  2. From the Actions for Selected dropdown, select Make Needs Public.

Once it has been made public, you'll see a check mark in the Public column for the need. All public, current, active needs will be displayed on your site's advanced event page, located at [your domain]/aem.

Note: To make your advanced events page accessible to your platform's visitors, create a spotlight that features the link.

Assigning a Need Privately To a Group

Click here to learn how to assign needs to corporations and other private groups.