This article, which explains the "formulas" for creating links to your site's advanced events, is for Connect site administrators who are using the Advanced Events Module (AEM).

Linking to the General Advanced-Events Page

Your general advanced-events page will show all advanced events on your site that comprise active, public needs. As shown in the examples below, a site with a single advanced event to display will show that event and the related needs. A site with more than one advanced event will show the "cards" for each, and a user can click on a card to view the needs

Site with One Advanced EventSite with Two Advanced Events

The following link will point to your site's general advanced-events page:

http://[Your Domain]/aem

For example, if your domain is, your advanced-events page would be located here:

Note: In the Manager Panel, when adding the link to a spotlight or image rotator, you can simply type /aem. The "http" and your domain name are not required.

Linking to a Specific Advanced Event

If you have more than one ongoing advanced event, you might not want to link to the general page, but to link instead to an individual event. Here's the "formula" for linking to a specific advanced event:

http://[Your Domain]/aem/general/event/?doc_id=[Advanced Event ID]

Using the Galaxy Volunteer Center example, the link for an advanced event with the ID "1209" would be as follows:

Note: Advanced event IDs are displayed in the Manager Panel under Modules > Advanced Events.

Private Links

A private need must be assigned to a company or other group in order to generate an Employee Access Link, which can then be sent to employees or group members so that they can access the private need. This link is available from the Company Dashboard, which is accessible to the Company Manager and the Connect site administrator. The link will only appear if needs have been assigned to the company.

  • The Company Manager must access the Company Dashboard via a link provided in the invitation email that is sent out by the Connect site administrator.
  • The Connect site administrator can access the Company Dashboard by using the Live Preview link available in the Manager Panel.

For more information on private needs and the Employee Access Link, click here.