This article is for individuals designated as the contact person for a company or other group of people who have been offered a private need for an advanced event a large-scale event such as the United Way's Day of Caring).

This article covers the following topics:

Accessing Your Assigned Needs

If a Connect site manager has assigned an advanced-event need to your company, you will receive an email containing a private link. Click that link to access your company dashboard for the advanced event. Below is an example of a Company Dashboard:

Note that the Company Dashboard includes the following elements:

  • Logo of the agency that posted the need
  • Title of the need, with a link to more information and the opportunity to respond
  • Charts showing the number of volunteer spots offered, the number filled, and the number still available
  • Button for messaging all participants
  • Button for exporting all participant data
  • strong>Employee Access Link, available at the bottom of the page (not shown in the image above).

Note: Your Company Dashboard is private and is only available to you, via the link provided in the email you received.

The Employee Access Link

The employee access link is an important tool if you want your employees (or the members of your group) to register themselves for needs (rather than having you register them on their behalf).

The employee access link is located at the bottom of the Company Dashboard.

To make this link available to your employees (or the members of your group), copy this link to your clipboard and paste it into and email (or other mode of communication).

Note: The employee access link is a private link. You should send it only to those individuals who are to have access to the need(s) assigned to your company or group.

Registering Your Employees

To register your employees for an advanced-event need:

  1. Click on the bar chart for the need.
  2. Click the Add Respondent button.
  3. Complete all applicable and required fields.

    Notes: If you enter the name and email address of someone who does not currently have an account on your site, an account will be created for them. If there is a waiver, you will need to agree to the waiver on the employee's behalf.

  4. Click Add Respondent.

Volunteers are displayed in a table on this page. From here, you can delete or edit respondent information.