This article applies to Connect site administrators using the Advanced Events Module (AEM).

The Live Preview is an important tool available to Site Managers, who can use it for the following tasks:

  • Adding a need to an advanced event on behalf of an agency
  • Doing other agency-manager tasks on behalf of the agency
  • Doing company-manager tasks on behalf of the company manager

Even if you don't use the Live Preview to perform tasks, you can still use it to get an idea of what an advanced event looks like to your participating agency and company managers.

What is the Live Preview?

The Live Preview is a view of the advanced events module from the point of view of an agency or company manager. It's more than just a view, though; when using the live preview, a Site Manager can perform any task that the agency or company manager can perform.

Accessing the Live Preview

To access the Live Preview:

  1. From the Manager Panel, go to Modules > Advanced Events.
  2. Click the applicable tab: To view an advanced event as an agency manager, click Agencies. To view it as a company manager, click Companies. All of the participating entities (companies or agencies) are listed in the table displayed. Companies are shown in the example below.
  3. In the right-hand column, under the Options heading, click the Live Preview icon for an agency or company.

You'll be taken to the front end of the site:

  • The Live Preview for an agency takes you to the agency manager's Advanced Event tab in edit mode. From here, you can add needs; add, view, edit, email, and delete participants; and export information.
  • The Live Preview¬†for a company takes you to the company manager's view of the company dashboard. (This is the same area the company manager would view when clicking the private link provided to them as part of their company invite; click here to learn more.) From here, you can respond to a need as the company manager; add, view, edit, email, or delete volunteers; and export information.

Note: You can do all of these tasks from the Manager Panel.

Returning to the Manager Panel

Because the Live Preview opens in a new tab, you can return to the Manager Panel by closing the tab with the preview.

Note: The Live Preview should not be confused with the Assume feature. When you click Assume, you're essentially logged into the program as that user. When you click Live Preview, you remain logged in as yourself.

Be aware that, when using the Live Preview, if you respond to a need, you will be responding as yourself--not as the agency or company manager.