This article applies all Connect site administrators.

When corporate partners are invited to participate in an advanced event, a notification is sent to the selected partners. This notification is stored in Communication > Notification as "AEM: Corporate Partner Invite."

Note: This notification was previously titled "Advanced Events Corporate Partner Invite." To update the title, click the Reset link for that notification.

Inviting a Corporate Partner

After a Site Manager loads companies into an advanced event, it's necessary to send an invitation to those companies. To send the invitation:

  1. Go to Modules > Advanced Events and click on the event.

    Note: To learn how to create an advanced event on your site, see our article titled Creating an Advanced Event.

  2. Go to your Companies area for the advanced event.
  3. Mark the boxes of the companies you wish to invite. To select all companies, mark the checkbox to the left of the Company heading.
  4. Click the Invite button, and then click Yes to confirm.

Now that you have invited the companies, you must send them an email that invites them to the event and provides the private link they'll need in order to access their assigned volunteer opportunities.

AEM: Corporate Partner Invite

Clicking the Invite button triggers the "AEM: Corporate Partner Invite" notification. This notification goes to the listed company managers for the selected companies.

By default, this template includes the following tags, or template keys:

Template KeyDescription (Text that replaces the key in the message)
to_firstnameFirst name of the recipient
event_link_corpmgrUnique link to the company's Get Connected page for the advanced event; can be used only once, by the notification recipient
site_nameThe name of your Get Connected platform, pulled from Site Settings
adv_eventName of the advanced event

You can edit the text of this notification as needed; see Automated Notification Messages for instructions.