Agency managers who are participating in a college or university's service learning program will need to post needs, access volunteer information, and approve hours through the Service Learning Module (SLM).

Accessing Legacy SLM

To access Legacy SLM:

  1. Go to your agency manager view by clicking My Agency at the top of your screen.
  2. Click Service Learning.

    Note: For the Service Learning link to be available, a Get Connected site manager must first add your agency to a course.

Accessing Your Assigned Course

In order to post needs, verify hours, and view responses for a course to which your agency has been assigned, you must first access the course. To access a course in Legacy SLM:

  1. From your agency manager view, click Service Learning, as explained here.
  2. In the page that is displayed, click View for the applicable block (academic period). (This page displays all blocks that contain courses to which your agency has been added.)
  3. Click View for your agency's assigned course.

From this page, you can access tools to perform the following tasks:

Service Opportunities

To view, add, edit, or delete service opportunities, click the Service Opportuniites link on your course page.

Adding an Opportunity

To add a service opportunity:

  1. Click Add a Need, located under the Service Opportunities tab.
  2. Complete the fields provided.
TitleNeed title; be descriptive so that students can clearly see, at a glace, the type of volunteer opportunity you are posting.
DescriptionA description of the opportunity.
NotesEnter any additional notes about the opportunity that are not related to the actual description. If a background check or previous training is required, you can state that here. Also, you can add notes related to the module rather than the description. (For example, "If you signed up for this need in another course, you cannot count those volunteer hours toward this course.")
# of StudentsType the number of student volunteers are needed.

Note: If you are posting the same need for multiple classes, you should adjust this number accordingly. For example, if you need eight volunteers and are posting the need to two courses, you might indicate that you need four volunteers from one course and four from the other.

# Hours Per StudentIndicate how many hours each student volunteer can gain credit for by fulfilling this opportunity.
Start Date, End DateEnter the start and end dates of the opportunity.
Hours of OperationEnter your agency's hours of operation for this need.
Address, City, State, ZIPEnter the address, city, state, and ZIP code for this opportunity.
Interests & AbilitiesSelect all applicable interests for this opportunity. For more information on interests in Get Connected, click here.
Primary Contact InformationType the information for this opportunity's primary contact. To auto-fill these fields with your contact information, click the Add My Contact Info button below the City field.
Secondary Contact InformationIf there is a secondary contact, click the Secondary Contact Information link and complete the fields provided. To auto-fill these fields with your contact information, click the Add My Contact Info button below the City field.

Note: To clear the contact information fields, click the applicable Clear contact button.

Remember to click Submit Need to save your work.

Editing or Deleting an Opportunity

To edit one of your agency's service opportunities posted in Legacy SLM:

  1. Under the Service Opportunities link on your course page, click Details, located below the number of service spots remaining.
    This action displays the opportunity details, along with the Edit Need and Delete Need buttons.
  2. Click Edit Need or Delete Need as applicable.
  • After clicking Edit Need, make changes to applicable fields and click Submit Need to save your work.
  • After clicking Delete Need, click OK to confirm the deletion.

Verifying Service Hours

As an agency manager, you may be required to approve student volunteer hours that have been submitted. When a student logs hours for a need you have posted, you will receive a notification. To review volunteer hours:

  1. Access your course within Legacy SLM, using the steps provided here.
  2. Click on the Verify Hours tab to view all student hours that have been submitted.
  3. Approve or decline the hours as applicable.
  • To verify or decline hours in bulk, select all entries by clicking the check box next to the Date heading, and then click either the Approve button or the Decline button above the table.
  • To verify or decline hours individually, click the applicable button in the Status column.

Once you have verified or declined the hours, the appearance of the buttons changes to reflect what you selected.

Generating a PDF Showing Service Hours

To generate a PDF showing student service hours, go to the Verify Hours tab of your Legacy SLM area for a course and click the Export PDF button. For each student, the generated PDF will show the date volunteered, hours submitted, student name, need title, and status.

Viewing Your Student Volunteer Information

You can perform several tasks under the Service Response tab of your agency's Legacy SLM area:

  • View all students who have responded to your agency's posted service opportunities
  • Send a message to selected student volunteers
  • Create a PDF listing the student volunteers

To access this area of your agency manager view, click the Service Learning tab and then click the Service Responses tab. You'll see a listing of all students who have responded to our agency's posted needs.

Sending a Message

To send a message to your volunteers;

  1. Mark the box next to each volunteer to be messaged (or mark the box next to the Name heading to select all). A blank Subject field and a blank Message field are displayed.
  2. Type a subject and a message in the fields provided.
  3. Click Send Message.

This message goes out in two forms: as an email to the recipient(s) and as an in-app message.

Note: The message itself is saved in your site's Get Connected database. If a student reports that they are not getting messages, contact your system administrator, who can check to see why the emails may not be be going through.

Generating a PDF List of Volunteers

To generate a PDF list of volunteers, go to the Service Responses tab and click the Export PDF button below the list of students. The PDF will show the title of the course and the name, need, and status for each student.

Customizing Your Logo for Legacy SLM Needs

Your agency's logo is shown next to each service opportunity your agency has posted in Legacy SLM.

By default, Get Connected shows the logo you uploaded for your agency profile. However, if you have a different logo you'd like to use for service-learning postings for a particular course, you can add it in Legacy SLM.

To add your SLM-specific logo:

  1. Access your course within Legacy SLM, using the steps provided here.
  2. Click the Agency Settings tab.
  3. Click Choose File, and then browse to and select your logo.
  4. Click Submit Logo.
  5. Crop the logo as needed.

Once you have submitted the logo, it will be displayed on your screen.

Note: If you are replacing an existing logo, it is not necessary to remove the original logo before uploading the replacement.