This article is for agency managers who are using the Advanced Event Module (AEM) in Get Connected 2.0. This module is typically used for large-scale volunteer events such as Day of Caring, but it can also be used for smaller volunteer events.

Accessing the Advanced Events Area

In order to participate in an advanced event, your Get Connected administrator must add your agency to the event. Once the administrator has done that, you can access the AEM in one of two ways:

  • Via an invitation emailed to you by the site administrator - This email will include a link to your agency manager area's Advanced Events section.
  • Via your agency manager area - Log into Get Connected, click My Agency, and then click Advanced Events.

If your agency has been invited to participate in more than one event, you'll see a "card" for each one. Click Manage Needs & Responses for the applicable card.

At this point, if your administrator has included an agency application, you will be asked to answer the application questions. Once you have submitted your answers, you will be taken to a form to add a need for the advanced event.

Adding an Advanced-Event Need

To add a need for an advanced event:

  1. Access the event by following the steps provided here.
  2. Complete the fields on the need-posting form. Field groups are described below.
  3. Click Create Need.

Once created, a need must be reviewed and activated by your site administrator. As a pending need, it will have a pink or yellow background and a "pending" icon in the Status column. Once it is active, it will have a blue-green background and a check mark to show its active status.

Form Fields for Adding a Need

The need-posting form for an advanced event has several different sections:

  • Basic Information - title, interests, date, registration closed date, hours, and duration.
  • Volunteers - number of volunteers needed, team registration allowed?, minimum volunteer age, and indication of whether a minor requires an adult
  • Location - address and directions

    Note: A map will be pulled into the need description based on the address you provide here.

  • Additional Information - Outdoors, handicapped-accessible, family-friendly, tools required, adequate parking, food required, drinks required

    Note: Depending on whether you select Yes or No, a new text box may open for providing additional information.

  • Contact - contact person's name, email address, phone number, and fax number

    Note: This information is displayed on the need-information page for volunteers so that they can reach out to the contact person with any questions. Automated notifications of need responses are not sent to the contact person's email address unless that person is also an agency manager for the agency posting the need.

  • Supplemental Questions - This section includes any custom questions your system administrator has added.
  • Description - Use the Get Connected text editor to provide a description of the volunteer opportunity.

Viewing Need Responses

To view responses to your advanced-event need:

  1. Access the event by following the steps provided here.
  2. Click on the chart showing how many volunteers have already responded.

Get Connected displays all users who have responded to the need, including any applicable team information

  • To email all respondents, click Message Attendees, located at the top of the table on the left-hand side.
  • To email an individual respondent, click on their email address.
  • To add new respondents, click Add Respondent and complete the fields provided.

    Note: A response added by an agency manager does not need to be associated with an existing Get Connected account. If you do add someone who doesn't have a Get Connected account, a new account will be created for them.

  • To remove a response, click the X in their row.
  • To edit a response, click the pencil icon in their row.
  • To add volunteer hours for a user, click the hours icon.

    Note: You can also add hours from the Time Tracking tab.