❖ Heads up! The photo editor may not be available on some sites. 

This article applies to Connect platform administrators.

When someone uploads a photo to a need or event description, it is saved in your site's Image Manager. You can use the Image Manager, accessible from your Manager Panel, to view, download, edit, or rename those images.

To access the Image Manager, go to your Manager Panel and select Content > Photos.

The images that have been uploaded to your site are displayed in the Image Manager.

To make changes to a photo, click the lower right-hand corner of the image displayed. This activates the Manage button above it.

If you click the Manage dropdown, you'll see the following options:

  • Cut or Copy the image to your clipboard.
  • View the image in your image viewer.
  • Edit the image (including resizing, cropping, flip/rotating, and adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.)
  • Rename the image
  • Download the image
  • Put the image into a zip file
  • Remove the image from your site

Note that you can also upload new images, create folders, and search and sort existing images.