Get Connected's Advanced Events Module (AEM) includes a feature to offer volunteer opportunities exclusively to private groups, including corporations and civic clubs.

Note: This article uses the terms "corporate," "company," "company manager," and "employee," but needs can be offered exclusively to any group, not just corporations. As you read, you should replace the above terms with "group," "club," "group leader," "group member," etc., as applicable.

To offer such an opportunity, an administrator begins by doing two things:

  • Assigns one or more needs to a company (or other group)
  • Sends a "corporate invite" email to the company or group's contact person.

This article is geared toward the contact person who receives that "corporate invite" email.

Note: The Get Connected database allows for one company manager per company.

The Corporate Invite Email

As the company manager, you will receive an email message from your local Get Connected platform, inviting you to participate in an event. That message will include a link, highlighted below, to your company's event page.

Click this link to access your company's page on the Get Connected platform.

Your Company's Dashboard (Event Page)

Your company's event page includes several elements:

Using the Employee Access Link

If you do not wish to register your employees but would rather give them the option of registering themselves, you can do so by providing them with a link to access the need. This link is called the Employee Access Link.

Note: The Employee Access Link is not the same link you used to access the event. Your company manager link is unique and can be used only by you. Employees much use the Employee Access Link.

The Employee Access Link is located at the bottom of your company's event page.

Copy and paste this link as needed to include it in an email to your employees or make it available on your company's employee website. When an employee clicks it, they will be taken to the need, where they can register individually or as a team (if team sign-up is an option).

Note: Employees will be asked to log in or open an account before they can complete registration.

Responding to a Need

As a company manager, you can respond to a need in one of several ways:

These methods are described in the following sections.

Register as a Volunteer

To register as a volunteer:

  1. Click on the need.
  2. Click the Respond button.
  3. Complete any required questions.
  4. Click Submit Need Response.

Note: If you are not logged into the system already, you may be asked to log in or create an account.

Register on Behalf of Employees

You can register your employees for an advanced-event need if you wish. Here are a few important things to know if you choose to register your employees (rather than having them register themselves):

  • It is not necessary for an employee to have a Get Connected account for you to register them for a need. If you provide an email address (not required), an account will be created for them.
  • You may need to answer questions (such as T-shirt size) and indicate agreement to waivers to complete their sign-ups.

To register an employee:

  1. Click on the chart for the need.
  2. Click the Add Respondent button.

    Note: Depending on your administrator's preferences, this button may say something different, such as "Add Volunteer."

  3. Enter all applicable volunteer information.
  4. Click Add Respondent.

Once you have added a new respondent, note that the chart is updated to reflect the addition.

Register Employees as a Team

If you have not previously created a team, or if you want to create a new team, follow these steps. While this looks like a lot of steps, they are intuitive and mostly error-proof.

  1. Select a need that accepts team signups.
  2. Click the Respond as Team button. If you do not see this button, you probably need to complete a qualification (such as signing a waiver) before you can respond.
  3. On the Team Information form that appears, enter a Team Name.
  4. If you will be a member of the team, click the Add Me button.
  5. Click the Add Volunteer button to add your first team member.
  6. Complete the email and name fields. If the email for the person is already in the system, you will be prompted to pick their name and it will prefill.
  7. Click Add Team Member. If you are the leader of a user group, you will also be able to able to add people to your team from your user group. If you are not a user group leader, you will not see that button.
  8. In some cases, you will be able to add reserved slots. Do that if you want to hold a spot for a volunteer to be named later. (Not all sites will have this capability.)
  9. From your list, check the box to indicate at least one team leader. Typically, this will be you, but it does not have to be.
  10. When you have added all of your team members, click Continue.
  11. You will now have the chance to select shifts or confirm the information for a need that happens on a certain date. In the case of shifts, you will be able to filter for day-of-the-week as well as respond to all shifts.
  12. Click Finish to complete creating a team and signing up for a need.

To learn more about teams, please see Responding to a Need as a Team.

Other Features for Company Managers

Your event page includes buttons for messaging everyone who has registered for the need(s) listed and for exporting the responses.

Messaging Participants

To send an email to everyone in your company who has registered for the event:

  1. Click Message All Participants.
  2. Enter a Subject and a Message in the fields provided.
  3. Click Submit Message.

Exporting Responses

To export all need responses to a spreadsheet, click the Export Responses button. The spreadsheet created will include the following information for each participant:

  • Project name, date, and times
  • Participant name, email, and phone number (if supplied)
  • Team information
  • Need information (contact person, email, phone, address, etc.)
  • Answers to supplemental questions (such as t-shirt size)