This article is for students who are using the Legacy Service Learning Module (SLM). It explains how to join a class within the SLM, how to learn about and sign up for service opportunities, how to reach out to professors and staff via the SLM, and how to log your volunteer hours.

For a guide to the new SLM (version 2.12), click here.

Joining a Class within the SLM

Even though you may have already registered for a course with your school, you must "join" the class within the Service Learning Module (SLM) before you can begin viewing volunteer opportunities and responding to needs. Depending on your site's settings, you may have a couple of options for joining a class:

  • Join by clicking a link
  • Join by opening the course in the SLM

Described below are the two ways available to join a class within the SLM. Your site's settings may require that you use only one of the options available.

Join by Clicking a Link

If this setting is selected by your site administrator, you will receive a link, most likely from your professor, to join the class. Simply click on the link, and you will be taken to Get Connected. After logging, you will be taken to your course dashboard, where you should see the message that you've been added to the course.

Now that the SLM recognizes you as a student in the course, you can click the Service Opportunities tab to learn more about the opportunities available to you.

To return to this course, follow the steps provided in the following section.

Join by Opening the Course in the SLM

If your site does not require clicking a link to join a course, you should be able to join it by simply accessing it via the SLM. To access a course in the SLM:

  1. Log into your Get Connected site and open the SLM.

    Note: If your admin has spotlighted the SLM on your Get Connected site, then you should be able to click the SLM item in the left-hand menu. To access the SLM by typing in the URL, type the Get Connected URL followed by /slm. For example, if your Get Connected URL is , you would type .

  2. Click View for the current semester (or other academic period) block.
  3. From the list of courses registered with the SLM for the selected block, click Enroll for the course you wish to join.

Depending on your site's settings, you will be enrolled immediately, or your enrollment will be pending until approved by a site administrator. If your enrollment must be approved, both the course professor(s) and your system manager(s) will be notified your enrollment is awaiting approval.

Accessing Your Courses

Once you have registered for a course, it's a good idea to bookmark your course's URL so that you can easily return to it.

To access a course in the SLM:

  1. Log into Get Connected and open the SLM module. (See this note.)
  2. Click View for the applicable semester (or other academic period) block to see all courses registered for that block.
  3. Click View for your course.

Your course details are displayed. This area of the SLM also includes tabs for viewing service opportunities, logging hours, and checking out your course's SLM dashboard.

Finding and Responding to Opportunities

To view service opportunities available to you:

  1. Open your course page using the steps provided here. By default, you are taken to the Course Details tab.
  2. Click the second tab from the left (typically called the Service Opportunities tab, though this may differ for your school). All of the available service opportunities for your course will be displayed. As shown in the example below, you'll see the agency logo, opportunity title, the first few lines of the opportunity description, and the number of volunteer spots available.
  3. Click the Details button to view the opportunity details. Included in the details are a full opportunity description, the number of required hours, and agency contact information. Note that, for the agency contacts, you can click the Email links to reach out to them.

To respond to an opportunity:

  1. If you haven't already, click the Details button for the opportunity.

  2. Click the Sign Up button.

The agency manager will receive a notification of your interest and should reach out to you soon.

Messaging Agency Contacts, Professors, and Staff

The SLM offers several ways for you to communicate with others through the module.

Messaging Agency Contacts

There are two ways to reach out to an agency that has posted an opportunity you're interested in. You can send an email through your own email system, or you can send a message within the Get Connected system.

Emailing the Agency Contact

To send an email to the agency contact using your default email system:

  1. Under the Service Opportunities tab, select the need to view the complete information.
  2. Under the "Contact" heading, you will see the contact person's name and an Email link. Click Email to open your email program.

From there, you can write the email and send it to the agency contact.

Messaging the Agency Contact within Get Connected

You can email agency contacts, professors, and staff within Get Connected. For more information, see

Messaging within Get Connected

To send a message to an agency contact, professor, or service-learning staff member through Get Connected's SLM:

  1. Click the Track Hours & Expenses tab for your course.

    Note: Depending on your site's settings, the title of this link may be different.

  2. At the bottom of the Track Hours & Expenses page, click the Message Staff button to open the form for sending a message.
  3. After selecting the recipient(s) and typing the subject line and message, click Send Message.

    Note: Recipients in the dropdown include the agency contact, your course's professor(s) and assistant(s), and your school's community engagement office.

Logging Volunteer Hours

To log your volunteer hours:

  1. Open your course page using the steps provided here. By default, you are taken to the Course Details tab.
  2. Click the third tab from the left (typically called the Track Hours and Expenses tab, though this may differ for your school).
  3. Click the Add Entry bar.

    Note: The Add Entry bar is located just above the Totals line.

  4. Under the Add an Entry heading, select the need to which you responded.
  5. Complete all required and applicable fields.
  6. Click Submit.

    Note: If a reflection question has been added for this course, it will be displayed now. After typing your answer, click Submit.

Your hours, which will be listed on the page, are now pending approval. This is shown in the Status column. In the following example, three of the students have been verified, but the fourth is still pending approval.

From here, you can edit or delete your submission; just click the applicable button in the Status column.