Important: This article applies to Connect site administrators using the Advanced Events Module (AEM).

The Advanced Events Module (AEM) is an effective tool for planning and managing large-scale volunteer events. To learn more about advanced events, read our article "Advanced Events: The Basics."

This article covers the following topics:

The AEM has a strong focus on agencies and gives agency managers the important responsibility of posting volunteer opportunities in tandem with the advanced event. As a Site Manager, it is your job to coordinate agency engagement by "adding" agencies to the event, providing them with the opportunity to post needs, and providing a support role throughout the life of the event.

Note: For details on the agency manager's role in an advanced event, click here. [link to be added soon]

Adding Agencies to an Advanced Event

When you add an agency to an advanced event, you essentially give the agency manager the ability to post needs related to the event. An agency cannot participate in an advanced event through your Connect site until a Site Manager has added it to the event.

To add agencies to an advanced event:

  1. From your manager panel, go to Modules > Advanced Events.
    A list of existing advanced events is displayed.
  2. Click on the name of an advanced event to open it.
  3. Click Agencies. If agencies have already been added, they will be listed here; if none have been added, the table shown will be blank.
  4. Add agencies individually or in bulk as desired.
  • To add an individual agency, select an agency from the Add an Agency dropdown list and click Add.
  • To add all of the agencies on your site, click Add All Agencies, and then click OK to confirm.

Note: When agency managers of added agencies goes to their agency manager view, they will see a new Advanced Events tab, which they can use to submit any agency applications and begin adding needs.

Contacting The Agencies

Now that you've added the agencies to the advanced event, you should contact them to let them know and to provide further details. There are two ways to contact the agencies from the advanced event: (1) by sending a pre-written invitation to the event, and (2) by writing and sending a new message.

Sending an Invite

To send an email invitation to participate in an advanced event:

  1. Under the Agencies tab for the advanced event, mark the boxes to the left of the agencies you wish to invite. To select all agencies, mark the box at the top of the column.
  2. Click the Invite button.
  3. Click Yes to confirm this action.

The notification titled "AEM: Invitation to Agencies" goes out to the agency managers of all selected agencies. For more information on this automated notification, click here. Click here for instructions on viewing and editing the text of a notification message.

Note: Once the email has been sent, a View Response link appears under the Application heading for that agency. Once the agency has completed its application (see Customizing Registration for Advanced Events for more information on the agency application), "Emailed" will be placed by a link to the application responses.

Sending a Custom Email

Later in the course of the event, you may need to contact the agency managers of all involved agencies. In this case, you can use the AEM to send a custom email to those managers.

Note: The procedure below results in an email being send to all agencies that are registered for the event.

To send a custom email to all agencies:

  1. Under the Agencies tab for the advanced event, click the Email Agencies button.
  2. Type a Subject and the Message in the fields provided.
  3. Click Send Email.

Note: The return address for this email will be the same no-reply return address used for automated notifications.

The Live Preview: Seeing What the Agency Manager Sees

As a Site Manager, you can view an agency's advanced-event page as an agency manager. In fact, you can do anything an agency manager can do from that page, such as submitting the application, posting needs, adding volunteers, viewing responses, and exporting data.

To view the advanced event page as an agency manager:

  1. Go to the Agencies tab for the advanced event.
  2. Click Live Preview in the row of the agency to view.

A new tab opens, showing the "front-end" view of the advanced event, from the point of view of the agency manager. The name of the agency will be displayed at the top of the page.

Note: If you wish to add a need to the advanced event on behalf of an agency, you can use the live preview. You can also add a need from the Manager Panel by going to All Needs and clicking the button to add a new need.

Removing an Agency from an Event

If an agency must be removed from an event, it's important to consider whether that agency has already posted needs, and if people have already signed up for those needs. If needs are involved, then removing the agency from the event will be a multi-step process that includes deleting the agency, contacting the volunteers, and finally deleting the need.

Deleting the Agency

When you remove an agency from an advanced event, you essentially take away its ability to post needs for the event. Removing the agency from the event does not remove any needs it has posted, nor does it notify any volunteers who have already signed up for those needs.

To remove an agency from an advanced event:

  1. Under the Agencies tab for the event, mark the box to the left of the agency to delete.
  2. Click the Delete button.
  3. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

Once deleted, the agency no longer shows up under the Agencies tab for the advanced event. 

Contacting Volunteers for a Need That Is To Be Deleted

If the need has not yet been deleted, you can use the Email Blast tool to contact volunteers for a need. To email the volunteers:

  1. Go to your Manager Panel and select Communication > Email Blast.
  2. Click User Filter to open the user filter.
  3. Run a filter on Volunteer > Need Response > has responded to and select the need to be deleted.
  4. Fill out the applicable email fields.
  5. Click Send Email Blast.

Tip: Have the email include a link to other advanced-event needs, in case the volunteer wants to sign up for something else.

Deleting Needs

Once the volunteers have been contacted (or if there were volunteers to contact), you can now delete the need.

To delete an advanced-event need:

  1. Open the advanced event and click All Needs tab.
  2. From the dropdown list in the Status column, select Remove for the need to be deleted.
  3. Click Yes to confirm the selection.

The need is now removed from the event.

Note: A need cannot be reactivated once removed. If you need to reactivate, view, or access a list of volunteers for a deleted need, contact us.