Do you have a team with which you routinely volunteer? Do you regularly schedule volunteer work with the same group of friends or colleagues? If so, you can use the team-cloning feature when responding as a team. This feature allows you to sign up members of your existing team, and then make any changes needed. 

Note: You cannot clone a team unless you are the team creator or the team leader of a previously created team.

To clone a team:

  1. After clicking to respond to a need as a team, the Clone a Team button, located on the Need Response page.

    Note: Can't see the button? This may be because your team have more members than there are spots available, or because you are not the previous team's creator or leader.

  2. From the Clone a Team dropdown, select the team you want to clone.

    Note: You will only see those teams that are eligible to respond to the selected need. To be eligible, a team must (1) must fit into the available volunteer slots and (2) have you as the team creator or leader. In addition, if you are responding to an initiative and the team has not previously responded to a need within that initiative, it will not be available for cloning.

    Once you have selected a team, you will see information about the original team: how many people were on, the original need and shift (if applicable) that it was created for, and the date it was created.
    If this is not the team you want to clone, select a different team from the dropdown.
  3. Once you are viewing the team you want to clone, click Clone Team. You will see a need response page with the members of your team listed.

    Note: If any of your team members have already responded to this need, they will not be included in this list.

  4. Make any changes necessary to the team.
    • Under the Team Members heading, edit the team membership as needed. To delete a member, click the X in the applicable row. To add a member, click Add Team Member or use the Copy Join Link button.
    • Under the Team Information heading, edit the team name and description as needed.
  5. Click Update Team complete the team response.

Now that you've created a team, you can manage it later by accessing the My Teams area, located in your profile dropdown. See below for more information.

For More Information

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