This article applies to Connect site administrators using the Advanced Events Module (AEM).

The Advanced Events Module (AEM) is an effective tool for planning and managing large-scale volunteer events. To learn more about advanced events, read our article "Advanced Events: The Basics."

This article covers the following topics regarding custom questions in advanced events:

What Kinds of Custom Questions Can Be Added?

Custom questions can be added to three different "steps" in an advanced event:

  • Agency Registration - To gather information from an agency manager when the agency first signs up for the event.
  • Need Submission - To add questions to the default need-posting form for an advanced event.
  • Volunteer Registration - To gather information from the volunteer when they are responding to an advanced-events need.

This article explains how you can add questions to the agency registration, need submission, and volunteer response forms to collect information from agency managers and volunteers who want to participate in your advanced event.

Note: By the time an agency manager or volunteer reads your custom questions when signing up, they will already be logged into your system. As a result, you don't need to ask for agency name, user email address, etc.; you will already have that information.

Questions for Agency Managers and Volunteers

There are three tabs for adding questions for an advanced event. Each tab pertains to one of the three types of questions.

  • Agency Questions - Displayed on the agency application for the advanced event; answered by agency manager.
  • Need Questions - Displayed at the end of the form for posting a need; answered by the agency manager.

    Note: The needs-posting form already collects important data such as the need title, date, time, etc. Click here to learn what questions are already on the form.

  • Volunteer Questions - Displayed on the need-response form; answered by volunteers.

To access these tabs, go to your Manager Panel and select Modules > Advanced Events and click on an advanced event.

Adding a Question

To add a question for an advanced event:

  1. Click the applicable Questions tab (shown previously). The fields for adding a question are displayed.
  2. Select a field type. The field type pertains to the answer format the question requires. For example, if you're asking a yes/no question, you'll want to select either Dropdown or Radio Button. Available field types are listed below.
    Field TypeDescription
    Small TextThe user types an answer into a small text box.
    Large TextThe user types an answer in a larger text box.
    DropdownThe user must select a single answer from a dropdown box.
    CheckboxThe user can select one or more answers from the options presented.

    Note: Checkbox questions cannot be made "required" for a user.

    Radio ButtonThe user must select only one answer from the options presented.
  3. Type an Export Label. If you later decide to export all of the answers from these advanced-event questions, the export label will appear as the column header for this question.
  4. Type the Question as you want it to appear for the user.
  5. If you selected Dropdown, Checkbox, or Radio Button, type each option, one per line, from which the user must choose. Here's an example of options for the question, "What is your t-shirt size?"
  6. (optional) To require applicants to answer this question, check the Required field box.

    Note: Checkbox questions cannot be made "required" for a user.

  7. Click Submit Question.

Once a question has been submitted, it is displayed in the table below the fields you just completed. In this example, one question has been submitted:

To change the order of the questions, click the left-hand column, in the row of the item to move, and drag the row up or down. In the example above, the Site Manager is preparing to move the question "What is your t-shirt size?" to the top.

Note: There is no limit to the number of question you can add.

Agency Application Questions

An agency must be registered on your site in order to post needs for an advanced event. Because your site will already have data on the agency's name, manager(s), location(s), etc., you don't need to add these items as supplemental questions.

Agency application questions should be questions specifically related to the advanced event. Here are some examples of questions our sites have used in the past:

  • Will someone from your agency be attending our kick-off breakfast/orientation/closing event?
  • Has your agency ever participated in this event before?
  • Will you be applying for a $100 stipend to help cover your costs for this event?

To enter an agency question, click the Agency Questions tab for the advanced event and follow the instructions provided here.

Supplemental Need Questions

By default, agency managers must provide quite a bit of information about each need posted. The information requested is listed below; items in italics are required.

  • Project date, title, and description
  • Contact name, email, phone, fax
  • Site address, city, state, and ZIP code
  • Driving directions
  • Total volunteers needed
  • Minimum age of volunteers
  • If minimum age is less than 18, will young volunteers need supervision?
  • Can groups register?
  • Interest
  • Project time and duration
  • Indoor or outdoor? (if outdoor, inclement weather plan must be included)
  • Handicap accessible?
  • Family-friendly?
  • Tools/supplies required (if required, a space is provided for details)
  • Adequate parking (if "no," a space is provided for details)
  • Meals provided (if "yes," a space is provided for details)
  • Drinks provided (if "yes," a space is provided for details)

Note: All of the above information provided will be publicly visible on your site.

Use the Need Questions tab if you want to collect need-related information that is not covered in the list above.

Here are some examples of questions our sites have used in the past:

  • Will you be taking photos of your volunteers?
  • Are pets allowed at this event?

Note: Supplemental need questions are publicly visible on your site.

Volunteer Questions

A volunteer must have a user account in order to sign up for an advanced-event need. Because your system already knows the volunteer's name and email address, along with any other information the volunteer has provided in the past, you don't need to ask these kinds of questions on the advanced-event application.

Note: If someone (such as a team leader or company manager) registers another volunteer for a need, the person signing them up must answer all volunteer questions on the volunteer's behalf. If that volunteer does not already have an account on your site, an account will be created for them when they are signed up.

Volunteer questions should be questions specifically related to the advanced event. Here are some examples of questions our sites have used in the past:

  • What is your t-shirt size?
  • Have you participated in this event in the past?
  • How did you find out about this event?

To enter volunteer questions, click the Volunteer Questions tab for the advanced event.

Viewing Answers to Questions

There are several different ways to view answers to custom agency, need, and volunteer questions, whether you want to view a single person's answers or everyone's answers at once. 

Individual Answers to Agency Questions

To view an individual agency's answers to the supplemental agency questions:

  1. Click the Agencies tab for your advanced event.
  2. Click View Response for the agency.
    Note that agencies that have not submitted an application will not have a View Response link as part of their listing.

Exporting Agency Answers

To export agency data for an advanced event:

  1. Go to the Agencies tab for the advanced event.
  2. Click Export App. Data, located on the right-hand side of your screen.

The data is exported to a spreadsheet. 

Individual Answers to Supplemental Need Questions

To view the answers to supplemental-need questions for an individual need:

  1. Select the need (via the All Needs tab or by clicking All Needs under the Agencies tab).
  2. Scroll to the Supplemental Questions heading at the bottom of the page.

Note that you can change the agency managers answer to a supplemental question as needed. If you do make a change, remember to click Update Need to save it.

Exporting Supplemental Need Answers

To export need data, including answers to supplemental-need questions:

  1. Go to the All Needs tab for the advanced event.
  2. Click the Export All Needs button, located on the left-hand side of your screen.

The data is exported to a spreadsheet.

Viewing Answers to Volunteer Questions

 To view a volunteers' answers to the volunteer questions:

  1. Go to the Modules > Advanced Events in your Manager Panel.
  2. Click the Export Responses icon for the advanced event.
    The system exports a list of the needs, volunteer names, volunteer contact information, team IDs (if applicable), and any answers that have been provided to the volunteer questions.

Note: To export responses for one or more selected needs (not all needs), go to All Needs, mark the check boxes for the selected needs, and select Export Respondents from the Actions for Selected dropdown.