This article is for agency managers who wish to use qualifications to limit certain needs to volunteers who meet established criteria or who need to sign a waiver. If you are a site manager, check out our article on managing qualifications. If you are a volunteer wanting to learn about qualifications, check out our article for volunteers.

If volunteers must meet certain criteria in order to volunteer with your agency, then you can ask your site administrator to allow you to attach qualifications to the needs you post on a Connect site. Volunteers who do not meet your required qualifications will not be able to respond to the needs that require them.

This article covers the following topics:

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How Qualifications are Set Up

Your site manager is responsible for setting up qualifications on your Connect site. Once they have created and activated a qualification:

  • Volunteers will be able to go to their profiles and submit the needed information for approval for the qualification.
  • Agency managers with permission can apply the qualification to the needs they post.
  • Volunteers who have been approved for the qualification will be able to respond to the needs that require it.

Your site manager is also responsible for giving agency managers permission to apply qualifications to the needs the post.

You should contact your site manager if:

  • You do not have the option to select qualifications when posting a need.
  • You would like one or more new qualifications added to the list of those available.

Once you have permission to select needed qualifications, you'll see the option in the need-posting form, as explained in the following section. 

Selecting a Qualification for a Need

The option to select a qualification for a need shows up as a dropdown in the need-posting form in your agency management area. In the example, the agency manager is selecting the "General Liability Waiver" qualification.

Note: If you select multiple qualifications, a volunteer must meet all selected qualifications in order to respond to the need. For more information on the agency management area and posting needs, click here.

How Qualifications Look to a Volunteer

Once a qualification has been applied to a need, it shows up on the need-information form for volunteers. Here is a need that has the "Fluency in Spanish" qualification:

If a volunteer has been approved for the qualification you require, they will be able to respond to your need. If they have not been approved, they will see a red Qualification Needed message where the Respond button would normally appear.

If the qualification is a waiver that must be signed, they will see a yellow Waiver Needed message where the Respond button would normally appear.

Meeting the Needs of Unqualified Volunteers

If a volunteer contacts you with questions about qualifications, you can point them to this article for volunteers, which shows them how to submit qualifications on their own.

Also, as an agency manager, you can override the qualification requirement as needed. In other words, you can add a volunteer response to a need, even if they haven't submitted the requested qualifications.