This article is for Connect site managers who are using Legacy Service Learning (Legacy SLM). For more information about Legacy SLM, click here.

Block Reports

For each block, you can access two block-specific reports:

  • Course Summary Report - Displays all courses in the block. Specifically, this report lists course IDs, course titles, number of hours required, course end dates, total partners (agencies), total students, total needs, need hours posted (by the agencies), need hours submitted (by the students), travel miles submitted, expenses accumulated, the professor, and the liaison.
  • Student Summary Report - Displays all student in all courses. Specifically, this report lists student names, course IDs, course titles, course hours, total needs submitted, total hours submitted (per student), travel miles submitted (per student), expenses (per student), course professors, and course liaisons.

To access block reports, select a block, click on the Edit (pencil) icon for the block, and then click the Reports tab.

Click on a report to view it. The report will open as a .csv file.

Course Reports

For each course, you can access two course-specific reports:

  • Student Course Report - The student course report compiles information about the students and their courses, along with their volunteer opportunities, hours, miles, and expenses. Specifically, this report includes student names, course titles and start and end dates, required hours, need title, agency name, instructor liaison, hours (submitted, approved, and remaining), submitted miles, and submitted expenses.
  • Hour Detail Report - This report shows specific information that students enter when submitting their hours. Specifically, it shows the date the hours were submitted, the student name, the need title and agency name, the mode of transportation and mileage, and any expenses submitted. In addition, this report shows the status of the hours (pending, approved, or declined) and the date updated.

To access course reports, click on the course title, and then click the Reports tab.

Click on a report to view it. The report will open as a .csv file.