The icon to access your Connect platform calendar is located in the utility bar of the front end of your site. This icon is only available to users who are logged in to your site, but anyone can access the calendar if they are provided the correct link.

Note: The link to your site's calendar is https://[your site URL]/calendar.

Once you click the icon (or click a link to the calendar, you'll see a calendar featuring your site's volunteer needs and events.

Opportunities are shown with a checkmark. Advanced-event needs are shown with a yellow calendar icon, and standard events are shown is a red calendar icon. All needs and events are clickable and lead to the description pages where users can respond to a need or RSVP to an event (as applicable).

The calendar shows all events, but it may not show all of the needs on your site.

  • Only active needs appear on the calendar. If a need is inactive or pending, it will not be displayed.
  • Private, non-advanced event needs do not appear by default. Private needs only appear the viewer who is logged in as a member of a user group to which the private need is assigned.
  • Private advanced-event needs do not appear in the calendar at all. They can only be accessed by a unique, private company link.
  • Expired needs appear in faded text. The links work, but the Respond and RSVP (for events) buttons will be inactive.

Sharing Your Calendar in a Spotlight

Concerned that your site's users won'to notice the calendar icon? You can opt to share the calendar in your spotlights. The spotlight can appear as a large or smaller banner on the volunteer dashboard, or it can simply be a item in the left-hand navigation menu.

To set the Connect calendar up in a spotlight:

  1. From your site manager panel, go to Settings > Spotlights.
  2. Click the Add Spotlight button.
  3. Complete the fields provided.
    Turn the spotlight ON if it is current and can be displayed on your site.
    Click Pick an icon. There are a number of "calendar" icons available: calendar, calendar-day, calendar-day-outline, and calendar-outline. Any of these would work well. The above example uses calendar-outline.
    If you want the calendar to appear as a banner, enter or select a color code for the banner. For more information on color codes, click here.
    Text Color
    Select a color (black or white) for the text and icon to be displayed.
    Type the spotlight title (For example, "Volunteer Calendar")
    Type the spotlight sub-title. (For example, "Find volunteer opportunities that fit your schedule!"
    Target URL
    Type /calendar.
    Link Text
    Type an action word or term (such "View calendar") that people can click. This text only shows up on the spotlight banner, and not in the navigation.
    Show in Navigation
    Select Show in Navigation to have the link be available from the navigation menu.
    Navigation Title
    Type the text that should appear in the navigation menu for this spotlight. (For example, "Calendar" or "Volunteer Calendar")

For more information on spotlights, see our Spotlights article.