Once you've completed the important first steps (including your launch call and trainings), it's time to put some thought into your site's main settings. Access the Main Settings area by logging in to your site manager panel and selecting Settings > Main Settings.

Note: You can get to your site manager panel by going to [your domain]/manager and entering your email address and password.

Your main settings cover a lot of ground, so it helps to view these important early tasks as a series of smaller steps, as listed here. These steps do not need to be completed in the order shown.

  • Dress up the volunteer dashboard. Your site's "landing" page, or dashboard, will be the most visible and visited part of your Connect platform ... so you want it to look good! Many (though not all) of the controls for the dashboard's "look and feel" are located in Main Settings
  • Set up volunteer hours approval. Do you want to require approval for hours submitted by volunteers? Do you want volunteers to be able to log hours not associated with the opportunities posted on your site? Do you want to be able to log hours for volunteers that don't have email?
  • Add your Google Analytics tracking code to the "Custom Code" area of site settings.
  • Indicate whether your site will allow individual volunteer hours and anonymous hours.
  • Set up your approvals once you've decided which items (such as new agencies, new needs, and new events) can be published automatically to the site once added by an agency manager, and which items should require site manager review first.
  • If you want to use a custom return email address for notifications to your volunteers (default is no-reply@galaxydigital.com), enter the custom address and verify it with Amazon Web Services.
  • Establish your default settings for the volunteer experience, including the user view, the value of a volunteer hour (for resumes) if not using your state's rate, team signup requirements.
  • Set up the state and counties that your organization serves.
  • Decide if you want agency contact information to appear in the agency profiles visible to volunteers. (Some site managers choose not to show this information as a way of preventing volunteers from "signing up" via a phone call or an email.) Enter this setting in your Main Settings area.
  • Establish settings for needs. Do you want needs to be displayed on your site once all slots have been filled? What capabilities to you want agencies to have regarding initiatives, user groups, and scheduling? Enter those settings in the "Needs" area of your Main Settings.