We’ve made a mobile app to help make your job easier! Introducing the Volunteer Get Connected App. Learn about who the app is for, where to find it, and some tips on how to get your volunteers to use it.

Who It's For & How They Get It

The Volunteer Get Connected App is for your volunteers. While you and your partner agencies won't be able to manage your needs through the app, you will still see the benefit! When a volunteer checks in to and out of a need using the app, it will automatically log their hours, so your data becomes more accurate (and you'll spend less time reminding your volunteers to log their hours). 

So why should your volunteers use the mobile app? 

Simply put, when volunteers use the Volunteer Get Connected mobile app, it makes your job easier! It’s now simpler for volunteers to keep track of their scheduled needs and log their hours. Our goal in creating the app is to decrease the time site managers and agency managers spend on logging hours on behalf of their volunteers and improve data accuracy. 

How do volunteers download the app? 

The mobile app is available for Apple and Android mobile phones. The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Check out the “Promoting the App” tab to learn how you can get volunteers on board, downloading, and using the app! 

What It Does

There are three main functions of the Volunteer Get Connected mobile app: 

  1. Volunteers can check in to and out of need shifts.

  2. Volunteers can view their shift schedules.

  3. Volunteers can add and view their volunteer hours (if they did not utilize check-in).

When should your volunteers use the mobile app? 

How do you know when volunteers should use the app and when they should visit your Get Connected site? This handy table is here to help:

Action (Volunteers)

Connect App

Connect Site

Check in to and check out of a volunteer shift

Add hours (associated with need or individual)

Receive location-based notifications on mobile device 

Register as a new user

View their scheduled opportunities

Share an opportunity

Search for new opportunities

Respond to new opportunities

e-Sign waivers

For more details on the features and functionality of the app, check out this article. 

NoteIt’s important that your volunteers allow the app to access their location settings in order for it to work properly. The app uses geo-location data to automatically prompt volunteers to check-in to a need. Be sure to communicate this whenever you mention the app. 

Promoting the App

How to get your volunteers to download the app:

In order for the App to function for your organization, you need your volunteers to use it! How do you get volunteers on board? We recommend starting with your agencies. Send an email blast to all your partner agencies announcing the app and a brief explanation of why they should help you promote the mobile app. Provide your agencies with the materials they need to get their volunteers on board and downloading, including links and sample email text to get them inspired. Luckily, we’ve done it all for you in this article. 

How to get your volunteers using the app:

Getting your volunteers to download the app is just the first step; you’ll need your volunteers to actually use it. You can include a message in your notifications template that reminds volunteers to bring their mobile phones. Something like “Don’t forget to download the Volunteer Get Connected app and bring your mobile phones to check-in to your next shift!” should do the trick. To access the Upcoming Need Reminder notification, click “Notifications” in your Communication tab. From here you can search “Upcoming Need Reminder” and edit the notification text:

You can also invite volunteers directly to download the app. We recommend using your email blast tool to email all volunteers in your database. You’ll want to let volunteers know about the mobile app and a call to action to download the app (with links!). We’ve made this email easy for you; just copy and paste the sample text and links in this article. 

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