Have Multi-date events appear on the activity calendar

We love the new mulit-date event feature - we use it often because we have lots of opportunities (needs) that occur over the weekend or longer. However, these don't appear on the activity calendar and so people can't scan the calendar to see what is happening.

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Hi, Iesha and Shelley,

Thanks for reaching out here in the forums. At this time, unfortunately, I don't have an update on this specific enhancement request and if/when it will be added to the product road map. Though, I do want to ensure that your support is being notated for our review process.

In the process of creating the current iteration of the calendar, the way that multi-date opportunities were displayed was intentional to prevent volunteers from mistakenly responding to an opportunity without realizing they were committing to more than one day.

That being said, any additional information around preferred behavior or how it works related to your organization's mission gives me more of an ability to advocate for this request.

For a bit of a peek behind the curtain, these forum requests are all individually reviewed and carefully considered by our enhancement team. What eventually make it on the list does so because it will benefit the largest portion of our client base, improves mission-critical parts of the software, or serves a new, large emerging community.

If you ever have questions regarding our enhancements process, I encourage you to reach out to support@galaxydigital.com.


Maia Price
Customer Success

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