Adding Team Members

When we just went through our large volunteer event it would have been beneficial to allow team members to add additional members after they had registered a team themselves.  It was easy for me to add on the back end, but frustrating to our users who were unable to add. 


Can this be something we look into adding in the future?

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Hi Abby, thanks for reaching out!

Let me make sure I've got this right:

When someone logs in and goes to My Teams, they will be given the option to manage the team (if they are a team leader) or email the team leader (if they are not the team leader). 

Team leaders can add additional members to their team, but non-leaders cannot. It sounds like you are asking for the option to allow non-leaders to add additional team members. Do I have that right?

No, when we tried to add team members as the team leader it didn't allow us to.  We could surrender reserved spots but could not add additional ones.

I understand. I will make sure to enter it into the suggestion board that a team leader can add additional reserved slots after the team has been created. Thanks for writing in, and let me know if I've missed anything here!

We've had the same issue. Would appreciate the team leader being able to add slots themselves, as we don't always have someone available to do it for them.

Hi Becki, thanks for adding your voice to the conversation. I have added this to our enhancement list and will use your post to document support for the request!

We often have couples or families signing up. Rather than opening up the option of team sign up to the general public, we would like the option of someone to add a +1 to their sign up. That way we don't need to put the entire family through all the hoops and user groups. It would also help us to block out slots when we know we have a group coming, but don't have everyone's names. We could just write "GroupX" and toggle "+4" and that would block out all the shifts in that time slot.

Hi Stephanie, 

Thank you for your contribution! I will make a note in Enhancements that you would like to see an option for someone to indicate a plus one (or two, three, four...) when responding to a Need. This would allow a registered user to sign up with x amount of volunteers who are not users on the site. 

Thank you!