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I appreciate that the gender question on the user registration has more options than female and male, however, it would be helpful if there was a fill-in-the-blank option. I would also like to see a question asking for users to fill in an answer stating their pronouns.

Thank you!

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Hi Bethany, 

Thank you for adding your suggestion! I will absolutely add this suggestion to our enhancements board for our developers to consider. In the meantime, I would recommend creating a Custom User Registration question to collect this information. 

I hope you're having a great Friday!


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I have added in a question to my user sign-up process for choice of preferred pronouns and if possible in the future it would be awesome if my program managers could have that info accessible to them in their table filters when viewing their responses. Right now I do a weekly export to a SharePoint Site so program managers can reference pronouns there, but it would be great to have it more accessible in the site. Thanks!

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Hi! And thank you for considering gender expansive options in the registration process. A resource I have seen and I find to be a thorough beginner's guide is this one, which I and others use in their email signatures hyperlinked to their pronouns.

If you are asking for gender and pronouns on a registration form, please consider allowing participants to select all the options that apply, and to be able to edit their gender and pronouns on their profiles on their own. Here's how it could look:

Please select all that apply. You can edit this at any time.


  • female
  • male
  • non-binary
  • prefer not to say
  • other ____
  • he/him/his
  • she/her/hers
  • they/them/theirs
  • other ________

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I am commenting to upvote this. I submitted a "Please add a "Pronouns" field to the Basic Information section of the user profile." ticket in March to request that a field for pronouns be added to the Basic Information section of the user profile. 

This week, Instagram added a dedicated field for users to put their pronouns in their profiles, which points to how important this is.

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Hi Elizabeth, Nina, and Angela,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write in with your suggestions and feedback! I'll address each of you below:

Elizabeth - Thanks for that information! From what I understand, you'd like not only to see the option for preferred pronouns on the user registration, but you'd also like preferred pronouns as well as custom questions to be accessible to Program Managers. Is that right?

Nina and Angela - Thank you for that insightful information! We appreciate the feedback. I’ll be adding your voice and suggestions to expand the gender options and add pronouns by default to the registration process to our enhancement board. 

In the meantime, I would like to recommend using Custom Questions! This would allow you to create a preferred pronouns question that can be answered upon registration. You'll also have the ability to make it a required field, if you'd like. Users can edit their answers at any time within the user profile under Basic Information. If you have any questions about this feature, please feel free to send us an email at! We’re happy to provide more information and resources. 

Thank you all for your suggestions!

All the best,


Yes, thanks Rachel. Ideally, I just want my program managers to be able to see what the pronouns are without me having to look them up. It kind of defeats the purpose of asking for them if I am the only one who can readily access them, thanks!

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Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks so much for that clarifying information! I will add your voice to this enhancement. In the meantime, I would recommend considering the Custom Response questions to help your Agency Managers gather that information without your assistance!

Custom Response questions are collected when a volunteer responds to an Opportunity/Need. Agency Managers have the ability to export responses for a specific Opportunity/Need, and the Custom Response questions are included in the export. This information is collected each time a volunteer responds to an Opportunity/Need, even if they have answered the question in the past.

If you'd like to discuss this in more detail, please send us an email at! 

All the best, 

Very good point Elizabeth Bunkers!

I came here to make the same request about pronouns. It's been a few years, maybe this can be revisited and considered again?

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Hi Blair,

Thank you for posting this on the forum! I have made a note of this request for the team to review during one of our Enhancement meetings.

Right now, we recommend adding custom questions for this. There hasn't been much movement on this the past couple of years because of the nature of how different organizations have different pronouns they want to be listed and/or considered. 

I appreciate you adding this to the forum, and again I will be making a note of this request to be review during an Enhancement meeting! 


Abby Torrice 

Onboarding Specialist 

Galaxy Digital 

I'm hoping we can get some traction on this.  Creating a custom question makes this seem like a secondary question and it's not. It's very important for us to call our volunteers by their correct pronouns.  It's simply a sign of respect.  I hope that we can get some movement on this soon and make it part of the registration process. 

Hi Shelley, 

Thanks for reaching out and adding to this request! 

As mentioned previously the reason why this has not had any movement in the past couple of years is because of the difference in organizations' requests for different pronouns that they want to be listed and/or considered. 

It sounds like based on your response that a request to allow the ability to manually order standard and custom questions in the registration form the way you would like them to be presented would accomplish this. Does this align with what you are looking to see as an enhancement?

Please let me know your thoughts! 


Abby T. 

Onboarding Specialist 

Get Connected by Galaxy Digital  


Our organization sees it as a high priority to add a short answer "pronouns" question right after asking names of volunteers. This will allow our volunteers to write out how they identify for themselves, rather than us asserting options for them, and we want to ensure that we are respecting our volunteers identities. We aren't comfortable using the current gender structure in GetConnected because it assumes a binary (even with "other" listed as an option, "other" isn't all encompassing). We can create a custom question, but as Shelley mentioned, this makes it feel like an afterthought. 

Thank you!

Hello there,

Thank you for making this post to the forum!

I will make note of this request to our team in order to be considered for implementation.

In the meantime, the best option would be to create a custom question with a dropdown to allow for multiple options.

We want all people to feel welcome, and this option should allow you to capture this data and give users the freedom to have more room to express themselves.

Thank you for posting on our site, and have a great day!

All the best,

Ryan R. | he/him

Freshdesk & Shift Administrator & Data Specialist

Galaxy Digital

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