Qualifications view in User profile

I was told there is not a way to default that all user qualifications are shown in the table, without having to click from the drop down menu from Tracks Filter to Show All.

This is looking at a user's profile under the Qualifications tab from the manager view. It would be easier if I could see all the qualifications listed out, because the qualifications tab is already one click away from the user's main profile.

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Hi Dottie,

That makes sense, to allow for easier visibility of completed qualifications and avoid an additional click. I will add your request as follows:

"Default the qualifications filter for sites with Tracks in user Qualifications tabs to "Show All" when initially visiting the page to save admins additional clicks and give a better overarching view of where the user is at in regards to their qualifications."

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Hi everyone,

I wanted to update this thread to let you know that we've updated the Filter By Track drop downs in the user's basic information and qualifications tabs to default to Show All. This was something the team decided to push as a bug, since there was a lot on confusion surrounding these areas when initially pulled up.

Basic Information:

Qualifications tab:

We hope this helps to reduce confusion and improves your workflows. Thanks so much for those who posted and reached out in emails.

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