Name tag printing at check in

We really need the ability to have a volunteers name tag print when they check in. Can you please provide an update as to if/when this feature will be available? We are utilizing other means at this point (ie. printing ahead of time when we can, allowing volunteers to hand write name tags when they arrive, etc.) but its not consistent or effective. We have a lot of volunteers that are in and out of our center multiple days a week, and many are not checking in/signing up. Not having this feature is a huge drawback for us. Would love to know if its something we should expect or not, and if so, is it something that will be sooner rather than later? Thanks so much!

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Hi Vicky,

Thank you for writing in! This is a great suggestion, and I do see other site managers have also voiced their preference to be able to print a list of names / name tags when a user checks into the kiosk. I'll add your name and context to our notes on this.

Currently, we are still in discussion about the potential for this enhancement and a decision has not yet been made. We are always working on our list of enhancements though, and if there are any new changes or updates those will be visible in your manager dashboard banner!

Thank you again, I'll add your name to this request for name tags printed from the kiosk. Thank you!

Heather Adler
Data Specialist at Galaxy Digital

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