All Connect platform users have access to an attractive, easy-to-read volunteer résumé that summarizes their volunteer activity for a selected date range. This summary includes graphs showing volunteer hours by month and what types of volunteer work has been done. The data shown on the résumé is pulled from your need responses, submitted volunteer hours, and event RSVPs.

Note: Some Connect sites may override the term "résumé" with a different term of their choice. Your site may not reflect the exact wording shown in this article.

Accessing Your Volunteer Résumé

To access your volunteer résumé:

  1. From your volunteer dashboard, click the View your full Volunteer Resume link, located right below the Hours by Interest graph.
    This link takes you to the résumé portion of your volunteer profile, located right below the avatar area.
  2. Select the Start and End dates of the date range you want the résumé to show. By default, the range shows the past year up to the current date.
  3. Click Go. A printable PDF of your résumé will be generated.

Elements Of The Volunteer Résumé

  • Snapshot: Shows the total number of volunteer hours (approved and pending), the impact value, the number of need responses, the number of event RSVPs, and the number of fanned agencies.
  • Volunteer Hours By Month: Graph showing volunteer hours for the past six months.
  • Volunteer Hours by Interest - Shows the top for the needs that are associated with the most hours for the volunteer. In the example below, 22 of the volunteer's hours were submitted for needs that had "Technology" as a selected interest.

Note: The interests shown in this graph do no necessarily reflect the interests specified in the volunteer's profile.

  • Need Responses by Primary Interest: A doughnut graph showing the primary interests selected for the needs the volunteer responded to. In the example below, a large portion of the volunteer's need responses had "Physical Labor" selected as the primary interest for the need. 
  • Benchmarks and Badges: If your site uses benchmarks and badges and the volunteer has met one or more of your site's established benchmarks, that information will be shown on the résumé. 
  • Volunteer Hours: This table lists the date volunteered, the name or description of the need, the hours submitted, the miles traveled, the need type, and the status of the hours (approved or pending). 

Note: The Type column specifies whether the hours are for standard ("GC") needs or advanced event (AEM) needs.

Once you have generated the résumé, be sure to save it. (One way to do this is to right-click and then select Save As.) Once you've saved it, you can send it as an attachment as needed.