If your site requires agency-manager approval of volunteer hours, your agency's primary manager will receive a notification when there are hours pending approval. This notification may have the title "Agency Pending Timesheet Notification" or "Pending Hours Notification for Agency," or a custom title that your site manager has specified. If you are your agency's primary manager, you should take the following steps when you receive the notification:

  1. Log into your Get Connected, Campus Connect, Corporate Connect, or Community Connect site using your email and password.
  2. Click My Agency at the top of your screen to access the Agency Management Area.

    Note: Depending on your site's settings, this button may say My Organization, My Program, or something similar instead of My Agency.

  3. Click Time Tracking in your Agency Management Area to view a table of all pending hours. Here's an example showing that two volunteers have submitted volunteer hours:

    Note: The table can show the following columns in addition to the ones shown above: Team, Miles Traveled, Description, and User Group. To view those columns, click Table Filter (right above the table, right-hand side) and mark the columns to view. You can also use the Table Filter to hide columns you don't want to see.

  4. To approve (or decline) hours for a single volunteer, select from the applicable dropdown in the Status column.
    To approve (or decline) hours for multiple volunteers, select the hours to approve and then click the Approve or Decline button as applicable. (Mark the checkbox at the top of the column to select all.)
    In this example, the agency manager has selected all pending hours and is approving them in bulk.
  5. Click Yes to confirm.

Once you've approved the hours, they will disappear from the Time Tracking tab. From this point, you can view them under the Stats tab of your Agency Management Area, under the Active Need Hours heading.

If you approve or decline hours by mistake, you must reach out to your site manager to change the status of the hours.

Note: To reach out to your site manager, click on the Agency Manager's Toolbox in your Agency Management Area, and then click the Contact My Admin button.