A volunteer with a Connect account can follow an agency's postings by becoming a fan. If you fan an agency, you be notified every time that agency posts a new need or event on Get Connected.

There are several paths to fanning an agency in Get Connected. Here's perhaps the most straightforward one:

  1. Go to the agency's profile page. (You can find an agency's page by clicking Agencies in the navigation menu and searching for the agency. Note that some admins may use the term Organizations rather than agencies.)
  2. Click the Become a Fan button. The button text changes to read Fanned.

Once you have become a fan, the text of the button will change to show that you have fanned the agency.  If you want to "un-fan" the agency, click the Fanned button on the agency card.

Note: You must be logged in to fan or un-fan an agency.