Agency manager view is the area of Get Connected where agency managers can perform all of their agency manager tasks, listed below:

  • Edit an agency's profile
  • Post needs and events
  • View agency stats (user views, fans, responses, and hours)
  • Approve or reject submitted volunteer hours
  • Log hours on behalf of volunteers
  • Message individual volunteers
  • Export need, event, volunteer, and response information
  • Set up the Volunteer Check-in tool
  • Post needs for advanced events, service learning, and disaster response

Note: Need can be posted for advanced events, service learning, and disaster response only if these modules are being used and the agency has been given permission to post needs.

Opening Agency Manager View

To access your agency manager view, click the My Agency button at the top of your screen.

After clicking this button, you'll see the name of your agency, the Agency Manager's Toolbox resource, and various tabs to access different areas of your agency manager view.

Available Resources in Agency Manager View

As an agency manager, you have a number of resources available in this area of Get Connected. Help resources are there if you have questions, need to sign up for trainings, or want to reach out to your admin. This is also the area where you can edit your agency's profile pages, add needs, and perform other agency-management tasks.

Help Resources

Listed below are the help resources you can access from your agency manager view:

  • Agency Manager's Toolbox - Click this banner to access useful articles for agency managers, sign up for agency trainings, and reach out to your site manager.
  • Help Center Link - This link is available as a question mark in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Click it to access the agency-manager area of our Help Center. Once there, you can search dozens of articles that on managing your agency in Get Connected.
  • Field-specific Help - If you have a question on a particular form field in the agency manager view, hover your cursor over the question mark adjacent to the field.Note: The color of the question mark is determined by your site manager and may not match the color shown in the image above.

Contacting Your Site Manager

If you have questions and cannot find answers using the available help resources, you should contact your site manager. To do this, go to your agency manager view, click on the red banner for the Agency Manager's Toolbox, and then click the Contact My Site ManagerĀ button.

Note: Your Contact My Site ManagerĀ button may be a different color from the one shown here.

Managing Your Agency

The standard Get Connected platform features the following tabs in the agency manager view:

ViewView your agency's profile page as a visitor to the site would see it.
EditEdit your agency's profile page; add agency managers; add photos.
NeedsPost a new need and manage existing ones. You can also select to view inactive needs.
EventsPost a new event and manage existing ones. You can also select to view inactive events.
StatsView statistical information that Get Connected stores for your site. This tab shows profile views, agency fans, need responses, and hours submitted for the past month. You can change the date range as needed.
ScheduleView the individuals who are scheduled to volunteer for your agency in a selected month. Click here to learn more.
Time TrackingApprove (or deny) submitted volunteer hours; submit volunteer hours on behalf of volunteers.
Check-inSet up the Volunteer Check-in tool for volunteer sign-in.

Note: If your Get Connected platform uses additional Get Connected modules (such as Advanced Events, ,Disaster Response, or Service Learning), there may also be links for those modules.