Note: This article's focus is on the next-generation Service Learning Module (SLM), released by Galaxy Digital in late 2017/early 2018. For information on the old version (Legacy SLM), click here. The SLM is an add-on module and is not part of a standard Connect platform. SLM features are only available to clients who have purchased the module.

As an SLM leader (course instructor) managing one or more courses, you will need to access information about individual students--their need responses, their hours, their email address, etc. The following individual student information is easily available to you in the SLM:

  • Name, email address, and student ID
  • Need responses submitted; can be viewed by course and block
  • Hours submitted, along with student reflections submitted with hours

In addition, you can edit a student's need responses and hours submissions, and you can export an individual student's responses and hours data.

Note: To view all students' hours and review students' hours for approval, you would go to the Hours area of your SLM Leader Portal. Click here for more information.

Accessing Individual Student Information

To access information about one of your students:

  1. Log into your Connect site and go to your SLM Leader Portal.
  2. Click User Info and begin typing a name into the User Lookup field. Once the individual's name appears, click to select it. (Click image below for a larger view.)

    Note: Alternatively, you can go to the Roster area, view the students in a select course (user group), and click on a student's name.

Now that you have selected a student, you'll see tabs for the student's information, responses, and volunteer hours.

Student Information Tab

The student information tab displays the student's name, email address, and reference ID. The reference ID is typically a student ID. If the student ID has not been imported or entered into your Connect system, the Reference ID line may be blank.

Student Responses Tab

Click the Responses tab to view the needs the student has responded to as part of your course, and to edit or export those responses as needed. (Click image for a larger view.)

Note: To respond as part of your course, the student selects your course from the User Group dropdown when responding to the need. All submitted hours for those needs are then included with reports of your course's volunteer hours.

If you have had a student in multiple courses or multiple blocks, you can search for responses by selecting a block or course from the applicable dropdown and clicking the Go button.

Editing a Student's Need Responses

Use the icons in the Options column to take the following actions:


Edit the response
Change the course with which the need is associated. You can only change it to a course for which you are an SLM leader. You can also edit a response so that it's not associated with a course at all.

Submit volunteer hours on the student's behalf
You can submit the date worked, hours worked, miles traveled, and description fields. If your course includes reflection questions, you can submit answers as well. Click Submit Hour Entry to save the data.

Delete the response
Click the X and then click Yes to confirm that you want to delete the student's response.

Note: When you delete a response, the student will receive an email that they have been unregistered from the need. If a student associated a response with your course by mistake, do not delete the response; instead, click the Edit icon and remove your course from the response.

Exporting a Student's Need Responses

To export a student's responses from the student's Responses tab, click the Export Responses button, located above the Options column header. The exported spreadsheet displays the following information:

  • Student name, email address, and reference ID
  • Need title, start and end times, and start and end dates
  • Agency that posted the need
  • Date of response
  • Block (academic period)
  • User group (course)

Student Hours Tab

The student Hours tab shows the following information related to student hours submissions:

  • Need title
  • Hours submitted
  • Hours status
  • User group (course)
  • Reflections (viewable by clicking the Reflections icon)

In the image below, note that you can view hours by block or by user group, edit the student's hours, view their reflections, and export the hours data. (Click image for a larger view.)

Editing a Student's Hours

To edit a student's hours, click the Edit (pencil) icon in the Options column. You can edit the date worked, hours worked, miles traveled, and description fields. If your course includes reflection questions, you can edit those answers as well. Click Submit Hour Entry to save your changes.

Viewing a Student's Reflections

Click the applicable icon in the Reflections column to view the student's reflections. All answers to reflection questions will be displayed, and file uploads will be available as a link, as shown below.

Exporting a Student's Hours Data

To export a student's hours data from the student's Hours tab, click the Export Hours button. The exported spreadsheet displays the following information:

  • Student name, email address, and reference ID
  • Need and posting agency
  • Hours data (number of hours worked, date worked, date hours were added, date hours were updated, and status)
  • Block (academic period)
  • User group (course)
  • Answers to reflection questions, with file uploads available as a link

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