This article applies to Connect Site Managers.

Each agency's page offers the opportunity to "become a fan" of the agency.

When a volunteer clicks Become a Fan, the button changes to read "Fanned," as shown here:

Note: If the volunteer is not logged in, they will be prompted to log in or create an account before they can complete this action.

Provided below are a few important things that volunteers, agency managers, and admins should know about the "Become a Fan" feature.


  • Whenever an agency posts or updates a need or event, an automated announcement about the posting is sent out as an email to all of the agency's fans.
  • A weekly email digest to volunteers, sent every Monday morning, will include a link to the fanned agency's needs or events if a new need or event has been added.
  • A user who wants to opt out of receiving messages can do so in their profile.

Note: For more information about the automatic notifications that go to agency fans, see "Agency Fan Notifications."

Important: By selecting to opt out, a user opts out of all automated notifications. To opt out of receiving messages regarding a particular agency's needs and events, a user should simply "un-fan" the agency.

Agency Managers

  • An agency manager does not have the option to view their agency's fans; as a result, agency managers cannot generate "fan-only" emails.
  • Agency managers can view the number of their agency's fans by going to the Agency Management Area and clicking Stats.


There are several ways to view and communicate with an agency's fans from your Manager Panel.

Viewing and Emailing Agency Fans

To view or email an agency's fans:

  1. Go to Volunteerism > Agencies
  2. From the list of agencies displayed, select an agency to view.
  3. Click View Fans, located in the top right-hand corner of the agency's page.
    You're taken to a table listing the agency fans, the dates they became fans, and their statuses.

To email these fans, click the Email Fans button. This action opens the Email Blast tool with a filtered list of that agency's fans.

Using the User Filter to Identify Fans

With the user filter, you can view a list of an agency's fans, export those fans to a spreadsheet, add tags to their profiles, and perform other bulk actions.

To filter a list of an agency's fans:

  1. Go to Volunteerism > Users in your Manager Panel.
  2. Click on the User Filter to open it.
  3. Run a filter on Volunteer > Agency Fan > is a fan of, and then select the agency.
  4. Click Submit to filter the list. The number of fans is displayed above the filter.

Once the list is filtered, you can use the Select an Action dropdown for various bulk actions, including exporting the list to a spreadsheet.

Note: Click here for more information on how to run a filter and perform bulk actions on user accounts.

Email Blast

To email fans of an agency, you can run the same filter in the Email Blast.

Identifying Fans of Multiple Agencies

You can filter fans of multiple agencies by clicking the "plus" sign next to Add New Filter. Select And to find volunteers who are fans of all agencies listed; select Any to find volunteers who are fans of at least one (but not necessarily all) of the agencies listed. Examples are shown below.

This filter identifies the two volunteers who are fans of both Grasty Community Center and Meow-ntain Cat Sanctuary:

This filter identifies the eight volunteers who are fans of either Grasty Community Center or Meow-ntain Cat Sanctuary: