Your volunteer dashboard is your "home page" for your Connect platform. It contains all kinds of information to help you find volunteer opportunities, view your past volunteer efforts, and see what's going on with the nonprofits in your community!

Your dashboard is divided into several sections that include personal volunteer information, suggested needs, and latest information (needs, events, and agencies). Your dashboard may also include photos and spotlighted opportunities and events.

Personal Volunteer Information

Your personal volunteer information, shown at the top of the dashboard, includes:

  • Your total number of approved, pending and entered volunteer hours
  • A link to your volunteer resume
  • Impact value of your volunteerism
  • Number of agencies you've fanned
  • Number of events to which you've RSVP'd
  • Number of needs to which you've responded
  • Breakdown of your volunteer hours by interest

Note: Impact value is calculated using your state's value of volunteer time, as provided on the Independent Sector website.

Click on the table to access more detailed information, as follows:

  • Click the number of approved hours to access your Track Hours page, where you can view previous hours and add new ones.

    Note: You can also access the Track Hours page by clicking on the Impact Value area of the dashboard.

  • Click the Agencies Fanned area to see what agencies you've fanned. From there, you can click on an agency to visit its profile page.
  • Click the Events RSVP'd area to be taken to a list of all events posted on the site.
  • Click the Need Responses area to view a list of all needs posted on the site.
  • Click the Volunteer Resume link to view your volunteer résumé.

    Note: Some sites have replaced the word "resume" with a different term, so your site may not reflect the wording used in this article.

Suggested Needs

Suggested needs are based on your interests, as entered in your profile and/or when you first joined the site. If you belong to a user group to which a private need has been assigned, you'll see a "lock" icon next to the need title.

Note: To manage your interests, go to My Profile and scroll to the Interests section. Click the Manage Interests button, and then add or delete interests as desired. Click Update Interests to save the new information. 

Latest Information

Your dashboard includes information about the most recently added needs, events, and agencies. Click the View More or View All buttons to see a complete list.

Note: Because site managers can select to use words other than "Recent" and "Opportunities," your site may not reflect the wording shown in the the heading of the screenshot above.

Highlighted Items

Your dashboard may also include photos and links events, opportunities, blog posts, and other pages that your site's administrator has decided to highlight.