No way for Agencies to edit approved hours

We would like to see agencies be able to edit their own hours submissions for their volunteers without admin support. This is particularly important to us because when people are manually putting in hours for their volunteers under the "Time Tracking" tab the hours are automatically approved with absolutely no confirmation of their selection. This makes it exceptionally easy for our agencies to make a simple mistake on an hour submission on that form that, once they click the "submit hour entry' button, they then have no ability to correct without admin help. 

Beyond that, agencies being able to correct accidental hour entries, add descriptions to hour entries or delete hour entries that were accidentally approved is essential to them being able to actually use this system for volunteer management. Thanks

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Hi, Josie!

Thank you for sharing your suggestion! I can see the benefit of agency managers being able to edit approved hours.

I am going to add this to our enhancements list for review! If you want to add to this or update me on anything, please reply here.

Have a fabulous day!

Hilary T.

Onboarding Team

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