While many volunteer opportunities ask only for your time, some require a little more than that. If you want to volunteer to provide medical or tax-assistance service, for instance, you may be required to have experience, certifications, or even degrees in the field. If a volunteer opportunity involves transporting people, or is only open to people over 55, then you'll need to meet certain qualifications before volunteering in that capacity. It's also possible that your local site may require that you eSign a liability waiver or other document before you can view or respond to volunteer opportunities. 

Note: For some sites, if you do not have the required qualification, you will not be able to view or respond to certain needs. In that case, you will be prompted to respond to the qualification question when you try to view needs.

How To Know if a Need Has Qualifications

If a need has requirements that must be met in order to volunteer, you'll see them in the Required Qualifications section on the need-information page.

How To Know If You Qualify To Respond To A Need

If you have not submitted the required qualifications, you will be prompted to when you click the Respond button. You will be given an overlay where you can answer the question or upload a file - or even electronically sign a waiver. 

Submitting Qualifications 

Your Connect site may ask qualification questions as part of the registration process. If you didn't provide qualification information then, you can always go to your My Qualifications page of your user profile and submit the information there.

To submit qualifications from your user profile:

  1. From your profile dropdown, select Qualifications to access your My Qualifications page.
  2. Click Edit Qualifications.
  3. You will see a list of incomplete qualifications. You will be able to complete them within this page. You may be asked to type in an answer, select from a group of answers, upload a file, or sign a waiver. You may not be required to answer all qualification questions.
  4. Click Submit Qualifications.

Your submitted qualifications may need to be approved by a site manager. Qualifications will appear with a "pending" status in your My Qualifications area until approved. Once approved, a qualification will have a status of Qualified. (If denied, you'll see Not Qualified for the status.)

Note: Once your qualification has been approved, you will receive an email letting you know that you are eligible for that need. The email will contain a link directing you to the site so that you can respond.

Updating Your Volunteer Qualifications

You can update your volunteer qualifications at any time by returning to your My Qualifications area. Note that an updated qualification must go through the approval process again before it can become active.