The Text Editor is easily recognizable as a light-gray box with various icons across the top of it.

The Text Editor appears in places on your site like email message boxes and the need-description box.

In this article, you'll learn about:

Text Editor Buttons

Button icons indicate how you can change the appearance of your text, add images, and more.

Undo and redo
 Insert table
Open HTML source editor
Increase and Decrease indent
Alignment: Center, Left, Right, or Full
Bullet or Numbered Lists
 Horizontal line reaching from left to right margin
Upload, Browse, URL search, Drop/Click image(s) to insert 
Select a format for an entire paragraph. E.g., Heading 1, Heading 2, Normal, etc.
Text effects: Bold, Italics, Underline, or Strikethrough
Background and Font Color Selector
Insert Link

Linking Text to Another Page

Use the Insert/Edit Link button to link text to another web page. To link text:

1. In the Text Editor, highlight the text to be linked and click the Insert Link button. 

2. Insert the link in the URL field. You can select Open in new tab if you want users to be taken to a new tab when they click the link. 

3. Click Insert to finish. 

Removing a Link

To remove a hyperlink, select the linked text, and then click the Remove Hyperlink icon:

Uploading an Image

To add an image to the Text Editor:

1. Click the Insert Image icon. 

2. There are a couple of options here: 

  • To upload an image, you can either drag and drop the image in the Drop image field or click the Drop image field to select the file. 

  • To insert an image from your saved image files, click Browse and select the image. 

  • To upload an image from a URL, click URL and insert the link in the URL field, then click Insert

3. You can change the size or alignment of the image.