Galaxy Digital sometimes relies on advance-release groups to be the first to use newly updated code. This FAQ will cover the basics about participating in an advanced release group, but it will not cover the specific code that the advanced release group will be using.

  • What is an advance-release group? An advance-release group is a group of our site managers who get to use new features before the rest of our clients. The features they have access to will vary from release to release, and the group will generally be different for each release as well.
  • Why does Galaxy include an advance-release group in its release process? Gradually rolling out new updates, especially large updates, gives everyone the opportunity to see the new features in action. This means that we can gain valuable feedback on things like where we need more help text, we can make sure that our trainings are top notch, and we can gather enhancements.
  • How do you select advance-release participants? Participants are selected based on establishing a diverse group first and foremost. This means that clients of various sizes and shapes are prioritized so that we have a group that can represent our client base. We also select clients who we know would use the features and who use their Get Connected site in unusual ways.
  • What does my site get by participating? Sites that participate get access to features early. This means that they can use them immediately and get the benefits they bring. They also get the chance to suggest enhancements and give us feedback before anyone else.
  • What does it cost to participate? There is no cost. We ask that participants give us feedback on the features and the process itself, but that's it.
  • Will you change a feature for me? We will take an enhancement for you, but we will not be able to change features on the fly. By controlling the development process and making changes in a gradual, deliberate manner, we can make sure that we have features tested, vetted, and documented before they are out in the wild.
  • Can I back out of an advance-release group once I've started using the features? Usually. Sometimes the updates made to deploy the features will not be reversible, but we will usually be able to do this. You will be told ahead of time if you will not be able to revert.

If you have any more questions about the advance-release process, please get in touch with Customer Care.