This article for SLM Leaders explains how to access their SLM course rosters and goes over the various actions you can take from the Roster page.

Note: The terms SLM, user group, and leader are default terms for all Connect site. Because your site manager has the ability to override these terms (for example, using course instead of user group or instructor instead of leader), your site may not match the terms used in this article. Because most SLM user groups are courses, this article uses the terms course and user group interchangeably.

What is the SLM Course Roster?

Your SLM course roster lists all individuals who belong to a selected SLM user group (course). It includes the options to access the student join link, remove a student from the list, and view more detailed student information. As an SLM Leader, you can only see data for those courses for which you are a leader. 

Accessing the Course Roster

To access an SLM course roster:

  1. Log in to your Connect site.
  2. From your profile menu, select SLM Leader Portal.
  3. Click Roster to access the Roster page.
  4. Select a course from the User Group dropdown.
  5. Click Go.

The Roster table now displays all user group members. SLM Leaders (instructors, professors, assistants, etc.) are indicated by a green checkmark in the Leader column. Note that you can sort or search members by first name, last name, and email address. (Click image for a larger view.)

Members can be either students or SLM Leaders (instructors, professors, etc.). If a member is not a student, this is indicated by a green checkmark in the leader column. Note that the Member and Email columns are searchable; to search, type in a name or email address (or part of either) and press Enter.

Adding Someone to the SLM Course Roster

SLM User Group Leaders can add a student to an SLM user group (course). As an SLM Leader, you can add users two different ways:

1. By sending a "join link" out to students, which they can then click to join the SLM course. 

2. By entering a user's email address in the "Add New Member" text area. 

Adding a User Via the Join Link

To access the join link from the Roster page for the course, click the Copy Join Link button, located below the User Group dropdown and just above the Roster table. (Click to view a larger image.)

By selecting the Copy Join Link button, you are copying the "join link" to your clipboard. At this point, you can paste the link into an email or post to a course page on your school's learning platform (such as Moodle or Blackboard).

Note: You can also access the course join link from the Leader Portal area (see above image).

When a student clicks the join link, they may be asked User Group Join Questions. If you would like to have specific User Group Join Questions added, please contact your site manager.

Once a student has joined the course, you'll see their name in your SLM course roster. If a new member is going to be helping you manage the course, you must contact your site manager and ask them to designate that person as an SLM Leader.

Adding a User Via the "Add New Member" Text Area

You can also add an existing user using the Add New Member text, located on the right side of the page and just above the Roster table. (Click to view a larger image.)

In this text area, you will enter the email address of a student (user) already registered with the site. Then, select Add New Member. The user will then appear in the Roster table. 

Note: If the email address is invalid, or the user is not registered with your site, you will receive an error message. The email address entered must match an existing user's email address.

Removing a Student from the SLM Course Roster

To remove a course member from the Roster page:

  1. Locate the row of the course member.
  2. Click the X in the Options column for that member.
  3. Click Yes to confirm. 

Viewing Additional Student Information

When viewing the Roster page, you can click on a person's name to view additional information on that student, including their need responses and any hours they've submitted. For more information on accessing user data for your user group members, see the article SLM Leader Guide: Accessing Student Information.

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