As a student in a course with a service-learning component, you can easily see how you're doing in relation to your course's goals and requirements for service work. Your Connect site offers the following resources:

  • SLM User Groups Area: Page listing your SLM courses, displays a bar chart showing your submitted hours versus your remaining hours, and includes a donut chart showing your percent complete.
  • Hours Export: Ability to export your submitted hours to a spreadsheet.
  • Volunteer Résumé: PDF with graphics showing your volunteer activity and a table with your hours details.
  • User Group Report: Page showing details about the volunteer activity of your user group (course) as a whole.

For more information on using your Connect site's Service Learning Module (SLM), see the Student's Guide to SLM.

A Note on Terminology

The default term for a course on a Connect site is SLM User Group. Your site may use different terms for both SLM and user group. If this is the case, your screen may not match what is shown in this article. The same is true for the default terms need and agency, which may appear as opportunity and organization (or something similar) on your site. 

SLM User Groups

To access your SLM User Groups area:

  1. Log in to your Connect site.
  2. From your profile menu, select SLM User Groups.

This area of your profile shows your courses, the number of hours you've submitted, and the percent completed toward your courses' goals. (Click image for a larger view.)

These numbers include both pending and approved hours. By default, the table shows courses for the academic period that started the most recently.  To view a different academic period, select it from the Block dropdown and click Go.

Viewing and Editing Your Hours from SLM User Groups

To view the details of your volunteer hours from this table, click on a user group (course). You'll be taken to a list of your hour entries for the course. (Click image for a larger view.)

From here, you can click the Add Hours button to add more hours, the Edit (pencil) icon to edit hours (as long as the hours are still pending), or the need title to view the need description.

Note: You cannot change an hour entry once it has been approved. If you need to edit approved hours, you must contact your instructor or the agency manager.

Note: See this article for the recommend method for submitting and managing your volunteer hours.

Export Hours

Do you need to export your course volunteer hours to a spreadsheet? Here's how:

  1. Log in and select Track Hours from your profile dropdown.
    The Track Hours page shows your submitted volunteer hours for the past month. (Click image for a larger view.)
  2. If necessary, change the date range and click Go.
  3. Select the hours to be exported. (Click the checkbox to the left of the hour entry, or click the checkbox in the column-header row to select all.)
  4. Click the Export Hours button.

The generated spreadsheet shows the following data:

  • Date volunteered
  • Need and associated agency
  • Course (user group) and block (academic period)
  • Description (as entered when you submitted the hours)
  • Number of hours submitted
  • Miles traveled (if entered)
  • Status (pending, approved, etc.)
  • Answers to any additional questions asked as part of the hours submission

Volunteer Résumé

Your volunteer résumé is a great way to view and share your volunteer engagement, both as a student and as a member of your community.

Note: Some Connect sites may use a different term than "résumé." Your site may not reflect the exact wording shown in this article.

To access your volunteer résumé:

  1. Log in to your Connect site. If you are already logged in, go to your Volunteer Dashboard.
  2. Under the Hours by Interest chart, click Volunteer Resume. (Click image below for a larger view.)

The resulting PDF provides a "snapshot" of your volunteer work, graphs showing your volunteer activity by month and interest, and a table listing all of your volunteer hours, including pending hours.

User Group Report

Want to see how your user group (course) is doing as a whole in their volunteer efforts? The User Group Report provides a handy visual for this.

To access your User Group Report:

  1. Log in to your Connect site and select My User Groups from the profile menu.
  2. In your table of user groups, click View Report, located under the Reporting heading.

You'll be taken to the User Group Report, which is similar to the volunteer résumé in that it shows charts of volunteer activity by month and interest. It also shows the needs and agencies that are associated with the user group.

To generate a PDF of this report, click the Export as PDF button.

Related Articles

Your Student's Guide to SLM contains additional articles on responding to needs, logging volunteer hours, and monitoring your progress toward your course's service-learning goals.