Need to view all of the responses for all of your students in one place? Your SLM Leader Portal includes the Responses table listing student responses by course. In addition, you have the options to add, edit, add hours for, or delete a response at any time. You can also export student responses to a spreadsheet.

To access the Responses area of your SLM Leader Portal:

  1. Log into your Connect site.
  2. Select SLM Leader Portal from your profile menu.

    Note: Your site manager must designate you as an SLM Leader before you can access the SLM Leader Portal and the management capabilities described here.

  3. Click Responses to view your table of student responses.
  4. Select the block and user group for the course you wish to view. (Click image for a larger view.)
  5. Click Go. The Responses table will populate with all need responses that have been submitted for the course during the block selected. (Click image for a larger view.)

From this point, you can manage existing responses, which includes editing, adding volunteer hours for, and deleting responses. In addition, you can add a new response on behalf of a student, and you can export the existing responses.

Note: You can sort the table by column, or search by student first name, last name, or need. To view data for an individual student, click on their name. This will take you to their User Info area.

Managing Responses

Use the icons in the Options column to take the following actions:

Edit the responseChange the course with which the need is associated. You can only change it to a course for which you are an SLM leader. You can also edit response so that it's not associated with a course at all.
Submit volunteer hours on the student's behalfYou can submit the date worked, hours worked, and other fields. If your course includes reflection questions, you can submit answers as well. Click Submit Hour Entry to save the data.

Note: For information on editing submitted hours, click here.

Delete the responseClick the X and then click Yes to confirm that you want to delete the student's response.

Note: When you delete a response, the student will receive an email that they have been unregistered from the need. If a student associated a response with your course by mistake, do not delete the response; instead, click the Edit icon and remove your course from the response.

Adding a Response for a Student

To add a response on a student's behalf:

  1. In the Responses area, click the Add a Response button on the right side of the page.
  2. In the Add Response form that appears, begin typing the title of the need. Click on the need to select it when it appears in a dropdown.

    Note: You can only select needs that have been assigned to your course.

  3. In the User Lookup field, begin typing the student's name. Click to select a name when it appears in the dropdown.
  4. Click Add User Response.

Now that you have added the response, it will be included in an export of existing responses. You can all add hours for a response as needed.

Exporting Responses

To export responses for all students within a course:

  1. In the Responses area, select the block and user group (course) to export, and click Go. The Responses table displays responses for all students in that course.
  2. Click the Export Responses button, located on the right-hand side of the page.

The resulting spreadsheet has the following columns for each student:

  • Student name, email address, and reference ID
  • Need title, start and end times, and start and end dates (as applicable)
  • Agency that posted the need
  • Date of response
  • Block (academic period)
  • User group (course)

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