Note: Your Connect site has electronic sign-in capabilities. Click here to learn how agency managers can sign in their volunteers, and click here to learn how volunteers can check themselves in.

As an agency manager, you can export a list of the volunteers who have responded to any need you have posted. This export can be used as a checklist, sign-in sheet, or other report of volunteers for a need.

To export a list of need respondents:

  1. Go to your agency manager view and click Needs.

    Note: Some admins have replaced the term needs with opportunities. If this is the case on your site, you will need to click Opportunities.

  2. Locate the need for which you want to export volunteers, and mark the check box to the left of it.
  3. Click the Export Responses button in the Actions row, located at the top of the table of needs.

You can now open the list of respondents in the generated spreadsheet.