As an agency manager, you can use your Stats area to get a sense of volunteers' engagement with your agency's profile page and posted needs and events. This article explains how to access and export agency data. It also explains what information you'll find in the exports.

Accessing and Viewing Agency Data

To view agency statistics:

  1. Click the My Agency button in your utility bar to access your agency management area.
  2. Click Stats.

Your Stats area has four main sections:

  • Area to specify a date range: Default is the past month. 
  • Total fans and page views: Totals shown are for the date range specified. Views include both logged-in users and visitors, and repeat views count as separate views. 
  • Active Need Responses: All responses that have been submitted during the specified date range. Data include response ID; need ID, name, and date; and volunteer name and email. 
  • Active Need Hours: Response ID, approved hours, volunteer name and email address, need name, date volunteered, check-in and check-out times (if applicable), and approved status, all for a selected date range. 

Note: Use the table filter to change which columns are shown on your screen.

Exporting Agency Data

The Stats area includes buttons for exporting need responses and hours. These exports include data not shown in the table on your screen. Columns for each export are provided below.

Need Responses Export

This export includes:

  • Response ID
  • Response date
  • Need name
  • Shift ID, start date and time, and duration (if the need is a shift need)
  • Volunteer first name, last name, email, phone, company, and address
  • Any notes provided by the volunteer when responding to the need
  • Team name and team leader (if the volunteer is part of a team response)
  • Answers to any additional questions added by the site manager

Note: The site manager can add custom questions for all needs on the site and for all needs within a certain initiative.

Hours Export

This export includes:

  • Date of the volunteer work (not the date the hours were submitted)
  • Need title
  • Hours volunteered
  • Miles traveled (if submitted)
  • Answers to any hours-submission questions added by the site manager
  • A description of the hours (if submitted)
  • Check-in and check-out times (if volunteer check-in was used)
  • The source of the hours, if not manually entered by the volunteer (e.g., if the hours were exported or applied automatically through volunteer check-in)
  • The status of the hours (Approved, Denied, etc.)
  • The volunteer's first name, last name, and email address
  • The volunteer's team, if they signed up with a team

Note: If the team leader entered default a team member's hours on their behalf, this will be specified in the Description column.