This article is for volunteers. It explains how to view your user groups, how to respond to a need as part of a user group, and how to access and view your user group report, and how to leave a user group. For more information on user groups, check our user group FAQs for volunteers.

Accessing User Group Information

If you belong to a user group, you'll have a My User Groups option in your profile dropdown.

This option leads to your My User Groups Table, which includes the following information and options:

  • Your user group(s) name, type, and date(s) created

    Note: Most sites have only Standard user-group types. Sites with the Service Learning Module (SLM) will also have an SLM user-group type for courses.

  • Ability to view the needs assigned to your user group.
  • Ability to generate your user group's reporting link.
  • The option to leave a user group.

Responding to a Need

When you respond to a need, you have the option of associating your response (and any subsequent hours submitted for that need) with a user group.

This field is not required; if you do not wish to associate your response with a user group, you do not have to make a selection.

Responding to a Need as a Team Leader

If you create a team, you may have the option of selecting a user group for each team member you add. In order to select a user group for someone else, they must share a user group with you.

Viewing Your User Group's Assigned Needs

To view the needs that have been assigned to your user group:

  1. Select My User Groups from your profile menu.
  2. In the table of user groups, click View Needs, located in the Assigned Needs column.

Needs that have been marked private will appear with a "lock" icon next to the title.

Viewing Your User Group Report

The User Group Report uses attractive, user-friendly graphics to convey the following information for the entire user group for the past six months:

  • Total number of volunteer hours submitted
  • Overall impact value
  • Number of members
  • Total number of needs to which the group responded
  • Number of volunteer hours by month
  • Number of need responses by month
  • Number of need responses by primary interest of the need

    Note: Primary interest is determined by the agency manager when they post the need.

  • List of needs to which the group responded
  • List of agencies with which the need responses are associated

To access it:

  1. Select My User Groups from your profile menu.
  2. Click View Report, located in the Reporting column.

The report opens in a new tab. Click Export as PDF to generate a PDF of the report.

Leaving a User Group

To leave a user group:

  1. Log in and select My User Groups from your profile dropdown.
  2. In the My User Groups area that is displayed, click the applicable X in the Options column (shown in image above).
  3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to leave the user group.

Note: If you leave a user group that has access to private needs, you may no longer have access to those needs.